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Peek Into Our Office

After the first episode of Office Dogs aired last week, we've been asked several times about the decor of the office. Located just off of 30-A in Blue Mountain Beach, Florida, it's easy to slip into the Old Florida vibe, and our office is certainly a reflection of the ocean, the shore and the friendly lifestyle of the people in our town.

Blue Mountain Beach is the kind of town that encourages conversation, breeds creativity and fosters friendships, a place that all at once relaxes you and sparks the need to invent, write, create, design and originate. Our office is a mirror of all of this, a place with airy blue walls, starfish on the windowsills and billowy curtains that are just counting down the days until Fall when the windows can finally invite in the ocean breezes.  It's the kind of office that simplifies the creative process; it's impossible to avoid conjuring new ideas within this space.

The music here? Everything from "Take Five" to "Wagon Wheel" to "When the Levee Breaks," with some "Pirate Looks at Forty" thrown in for good measure. Hey, this is Florida.

And, of course, our ever-present canine coworkers lend their own energy and hilarity to the mix.

Just wanted to give you a glimpse into our office. Thanks for stopping by and now back to your Monday, as scheduled.