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What to Post on Each Social Media Outlet


What to Post on Each Social Media Outlet

Many companies now accept the fact that they need to have an active presence on multiple social media platforms. What some businesses still don’t understand is that a one-size-fits-all approach to social media is not the best strategy for a brand. Tailoring content to specific social media outlets will result in higher engagement, reach and credibility. Here are a few suggestions on what to post on each social media outlet.



The Friday Fix - July 3, 2015

Welcome to the Friday Fix in what I hope is the end of a successful workweek and the beginning of a beautiful holiday weekend!  Today we have lots of great content marketing insight from the brilliant minds that eat, sleep, and breathe content marketing.  For one, we share why storytelling is the new black (and here I’ve been thinking it’s orange…must update my wardrobe again).  We also explore the idea of transforming employees into brand storytellers and why that’s a brilliant move.  Among other things, we share the gold winners from Cannes and reveal why yet again no Grand Prix was picked.  So, happy reading, everyone, and Happy 4th of July! 

Why Storytelling is the New Black

A look at Marc Jadoul’s article reveals the true power of storytelling; there’s nothing what Nancy Duarte describes as the oldest and most enduring art form can’t do.  For example, storytelling builds tension; stories engage readers on ethical and emotional levels as well as intellectual ones.  What Marc encourages is to become a storydoer, not just a storyteller.  Storydoers communicate stories through action, which enhances the customer experience.  Check out this piece to learn how to be a storydoer.

7 Traits to Look for in B2B Content Marketers

As Radha Giri points out, companies set aside a pretty decent chunk of their resources (both in terms of people and finances) for content marketing, so selecting a particular content group to do business with is a pretty big decision.  Thankfully, Radha lists seven key traits to look for when making a decision.  For example, look for a group of awesome writers who are great storytellers and who understand social media among other things.

Storytelling 101: What Defines Good Content for Off-Page SEO?

Conceptually, excellent content development for link building is simple, claims Thomas Stern.  Note, that’s in concept.  In practice, it’s a little more complex.  For example, Thomas touts the essence and the validity of storytelling, and he points out that links are important for supporting the content; however, the way to make it link building is to ensure that the story doesn’t feel complete without the link.  To get a better idea of how it’s done and to get more of Thomas’ insight, click the article link.

4 Tips for Content Marketing on Facebook

As we know, Facebook is one of the most broadly-used social media sites with 74 million uses worldwide, which makes for a lot of marketing potential as Noreen Ismail points out.  The added beauty is that Facebook uses a user’s interests, apps, searches, and so forth to provide targeted marketing, which if you’re in the marketing business is a huge help.  How can you harness the power of the almighty Facebook for your benefit?  Be relevant and use timely imagery; key as well is to provide effective storytelling as it’s more memorable.  Check out the article to get the full story on how to use Facebook for content marketing.

Virtual Reality: The Next Content Marketing Storyteller

Content marketing is a constantly-evolving craft, and as such, it adapts to new technologies.  While Back to the Future enthusiasts are still waiting around for time-traveling Delorians and hover boards, it seems that we might at least get the virtual reality they’re been promising.  According to Krystal Overmeyer, The New York Times is already looking at VR for journalism.  VR, a mixed-media communication tool, has the unique potential to revolutionize the way we communicate and, more so, how we tell stories.

How Tech Companies Can Turn Employees into Brand Storytellers

Everyone with any content marketing knowledge or just general common sense arrives at the same conclusion, which is that sharing a brand’s story is integral for that company’s success.  Yes, but what Carrie Dagenhard says that a lot of these companies aren’t doing is using their own people –you know, the ones collecting a paycheck, into storytellers.  Not only does letting the employees have voices humanize the brand, it also builds credibility in a way that nothing else can.  So, how do you get sweet Arnold at the front desk to start sharing his story?  Read Carrie’s article and start storytelling in a new way that will make your brand shine.

Web Presence Optimization – The Inbound Marketing Foundation

Inbound marketing as Debra Murphy explains it is providing valuable information to customers to attract them to your website.  To establish a presence, it’s essential to have a proper foundation; after all, you wouldn’t build a house of straw or sticks with nothing for them to hang on to (we all saw what happened to those first two little piggies).  Instead, you want to do your homework, strategize, and get social.  Build with brick and mortar; it will last longer, and you can invite more guests over if you know what I mean.

5 Reasons Content Marketing is Getting Harder and More Important

I assure you, the day we can announce that content marketing is getting easier, you’ll be able to hear the collective champagne cork popping around the globe.  We all would love for it to get easier, but like anything worthwhile, you still have to dish out some blood, sweat, and tears to achieve a certain standard of, “Oh, that’s pretty good.”  Here, Tim Berry explains why it’s getting harder as well as why it’s getting more important.  Try to guess why and then click the link to see if you’re right! 

Visual Content Marketing: Building Digital Stories that Really Connect

In the past we’ve talked about visuals (you know, a story is worth a thousand words and all of that incredibly true, good jazz).  In this piece, Jim Yu provides seven steps for creating and distributing stimulating, compelling visual content.  While some of the fundamentals applicable to written content apply, there are some distinctions because, you know, they’re totally different mediums.  If you’re in the market to produce visual content, this article is a must-read.

Cannes Winners Provide Peek at the State of the Craft

Well, for the second year in a row, Cannes has neglected to hand out the coveted Grand Prix, which as writer Thom Forbes points out, must feel like being an A-student earning straight B+ marks (or at least wanting to be an A-student).  Thom’s article lists 16 those were did win and includes links to their 2-minutes pitch.  Winners include the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” (in more than one category), Water for Africa’s “The Marathon Walker”, and Coca-Cola’s “Coke Thirst”.  What the judges are looking for in a Grand Prix selection is something so unique, they’ll still be talking about in 10 years.  No pressure, right?  Anyway, check out the gold awardees and pick up some winning ideas.

10 Business Blog Topics You Haven’t Thought of Yet

If anyone has ever told you that cranking out a weekly or biweekly blog is easy, it’s because they’ve never done it.  Writing a blog that’s interesting, topical, and well-produced is challenging, and if you’re trying to do it or are at least handling the ideation for blog topics, you know what you’re up against.  For those times when the well runs dry or when you want to write about something that’s got tried and true success rates, check out these 10 blog topics that can see you through during those times when writer’s block puts up a wall.

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