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How to Use Social Stories


How to Use Social Stories

Don’t suffer from fear of missing out when it comes to using social media stories to boost your brand’s engagement game; learn how to use stories on social media. SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook Stories, and Twitter moments...are you ready to tell your story?



The Friday Fix - May 27, 2016

Fridays are the best time to catch up on what’s been going on throughout the week. Which is why we’ve created a post full of articles dedicated to you, the reader. What better way to kick off your weekend than with a good fix? We’re diving right in this week with articles regarding ecommerce success, traditional marketing, and push notifications. We also tap into voice controls and Google’s new features.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Traditional Marketing

Finding the right tools and outlets to express your brand can be confusing. With so many options, how do you choose what best suites your business?  Business owners spend thousands of dollars a year on different marketing strategies with no proven ROI. In this article, Ed Heil gives a fresh take on the effectiveness of modern day marketing.  

On-Page SEO in 2016: The 8 Principles for Success - Whiteboard Friday

On page SEO…check! Rand Fishkin presents his version of why search engine optimization is no longer a simple matter on your checklist. With the assistance of hand drawn visuals, he breaks down the basic principles for success.

Bing Says 25% of All Searches are Voice Searches

“I didn’t get that.” An all too familiar phrase heard commonly on an automated service. At times, voice controlled systems can be highly annoying and complicated. But other times (like when you’re trying to find the nearest Starbucks) voice controls can be very useful. In fact, so useful these controls are being used more frequently. Bing has just revealed 25% of their searches have been voice searches. So what does this mean? Well, Matt Southern addresses the benefits involved with using this cool feature.

Here’s How to Create a Product Page That Converts

The goal of an ecommerce business owner is to increase the amount of traffic to his site. Many owners rely on the quality of their pages to bring in the revenue. In this article, Moosa Humani explores why business owners should shift their focus from traditional methods to fresh new concepts that will appeal to a broader audience.

Google Increases width of Main Search Results Column

Visuals can change the way you think.  This was the goal of google as they decided to redesign the site. Searchers can now enjoy a width increase in the main search results column. This change could possibly shift search results higher on the page supplying more space for multi-line listings. They’ve also incorporated a new title length of 70 characters for descriptions. Read on as Jennifer Slegg applauds the new changes of the Google site.

What 671 million push notifications say about how people spend their day

When do you check your Amazon account or take a quick glance at your Ebay account? Well, Andrew Chen takes a closer as he reveals the statistics behind Americans checking their apps.  This interesting article presents various surveys that explain why and when Americans check their apps.

Report: Twitter will soon exclude photos and links from 140-character limit

Twitter has finally solved the problem with their character count. Well, not exactly, Twitter has announced the exclusion of photos and links from their 140-character limit. Although they haven’t released a statement regarding all of the upcoming changes you can check out more information on this topic as Napier Lopez explains the change.

How Facebook Will Pay Digital Publishers For Engagement – Sort Of

Reader engagement is important and Jason Grunberg explains why as he tackles how to produce content that is both quality and quantity driven. Facebook is rewarding engagement with more exposure. Facebook has decided to prioritize posts based on reader engagement. This could mean more page views for publishers which should in return lead to higher revenue. 

The A/B Testing Checklist You'll Want to Bookmark

This is an article you’d definitely like to save in your favorites list. Lindsay Kolowich expresses the value of running a CRO test instead of relying on intuition. The checklist includes guidelines on what to look for and how the tests work to ensure success.

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The Friday Fix - April 15, 2016

Feeling “taxed” today? Well, rest assured that you’re not alone, but on the plus…you are one of the lucky ones who stopped by for the Friday Fix, so unburden yourself with this week in content marketing. Today we look at ways to achieve success on social media, how to get your stories out of the campfire and into the content marketing campaign, ways to give your stories a wow-factor, and a look at some passed and upcoming content marketing conferences (among other things). So, consider your dues paid and take a little personal time to get caught up on content the best way, the Friday Fix way.

Storytelling: Out of the Campfire and Into Your Marketing Campaign

While I’ve seriously never been able to weave a decent yarn off the top of my head over a roaring campfire (possibly because I’m too busy going to town on the smores), I definitely understand the essence of Jake Athey’s wise words in this article, which is that nothing trumps a good old-fashioned story. The end. No, I’m kidding…there’s more to Jake’s piece than that; specifically, he looks at how these stories are being consumed (on a mobile device during a toilet break, for example) and what modes of communication are best for storytelling (among other things).

Four Traits that Turn Your Brand Story from Meh to Marvelous

Brad Shelton just gained a fan in me because he tells it like it is.  In this case, it’s the fact that everyone claiming to tell a story is a heaping pile of the smelly stuff Marty McFly used to bury three generations of Biff Tanens with.  Yep, it’s crap. As he says, real stories are powerful…they’re memorable; they have emotional mojo that can’t be found around just any old campfire. That said, Brad (and the rest of us) get why everyone wants to weave the next yarn that reaches around world; it’s powerful and memorable, and holy moly, what it will do for your brand to have the right story…. Thus, Brad dishes on four must-have story traits that will help strengthen your yarns.

Marketing Metrics and Getting Back to Basics

Even though Donna Lehmann’s article is centered around content marketing in the context of higher education, her well-spotted insight on marketing metrics are broadly applicable. Donna explores the scramble to collect data, the ROI of storytelling, and how everything comes together in a way that’s not really measurable by a single bit of data. I know, I’m being vague, but it’s so you’ll read the piece and get a grasp on the bigger picture.

4 Major Employee Advocacy Barriers to Overcome in 2016

So, I heard someone who worked for Yelp got fired (or punished?) because they wrote a bad review of Yelp on the Internet.  I know, I know…the irony.  I digress.  The point is employees can make or break your brand if you let them.  Obviously, you want them to make it.  As Daniel Ruyter notes in this article, “Customer service is 1 on 1 marketing,” which means that you kind of need to let your employees advocate for you. In this article, Daniel reviews the status quo of building those one-on-one connections and how to overcome related obstacles.

Business Relationships, Not Reach in a Post-Social Media Marketing Age

With all of the rhetoric about storytelling, it’s no surprise that Jeremy Harris Lipschultz’s sentiment on the value of relationships over reach is spot on. Jeremy looks at specifics on how relationship-building is best-accomplished; he specifically looks at Carlos Gil’s use of Snapchat, MLB.TV, and Lenovo; he concludes that fragmented outreach isn’t going to go as far as authentically-built long-term relationships.

What Your Global Content Strategy Can Learn from Multilingual Stand-Up Comedians

Try saying the title of Carlos Garcia-Arista’s article ten times fast.  Yeah, I can’t either.  But really, we’ve hashed out the relevance of a global content strategy before, and we’ve talked about how important comedy / humor is in a content marketing approach, but I feel this is new.  Carlos makes a gripping point (echoed in other pieces) on the importance of mirroring and being multilingual in one’s approach. Using examples from stand-up comedy, Carlos drives the point home while also making me want to go binge on good stand-up for the rest of the afternoon. Well-played, Carlos, well-played.

How Brands Need to Go Beyond Posts; Get Witty, Emotional, Interact with Consumers @ the Right Time

While much of what Sarmistha Neogy has to say in this piece is echoed in peers’ rhetoric, Sarmistha goes into greater detail here discussing strategies for what I consider to be more or less “being real” with the audience. As an audience member who enjoys brands that seem like authentic people and not companies or people who are trying to get something out of you (this would be like if the head cheerleader would have walked up to me, power-nerd and led with, “Hey there, girlfriend!” I’d have known something was up…obviously she was just trying to get me to illustrate her as an anime as I wasn’t cool enough to be “girlfriend”), this piece speaks to me.  How can you come across in the right tone with the right media at the right time? Check out this article to find out.

How Canvas Changes the Facebook Marketing Game by Making Ads Obvious

A couple of months ago, we mentioned when Facebook rolled out the mobile-specific ad platform Canvas. In this piece, John Montesi picks up the conversation and talks about how Canvas is shaking things up.  Specifically, Canvas enables users to build their ads within Facebook’s parameters, and it enables them to be interactive as opposed to interruptive.  The way it enables creativity and interactivity, which John explores in this article, can’t be overstated.

Dig South Gears Up for 4th Annual Conference

I can’t remember which pundit or Fix it was, but a while back, we mentioned a few content marketing conferences that you should bend the budget to be at.  In case you haven’t been making the rounds or you really can’t afford to go far (and you happen to live in the southeastern US), then Dig South in Charleston is the place to be. The event takes place at the Gaillard Center in Charleston April 26-28 and will feature Shaun Dorris, known for creating brand campaigns on Snapchat; and an interview of Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia by senior editor of Re/code Peter Kafka.  Keynotes include MapQuest co-founder Chris Heivly and 500 Startups partner Paul Singh.

5 Things I Learned from SXSW about VR/AR

Speaking of conferences, in case you missed it, Austin’s SXSW has come and gone; however, Mary Ermitanio covers five things that she learned from the event specific to VR/AR and VR/AR’s impact on storytelling, travel, music…the whole shebang.  So, here’s a rundown of what Mary dishes on in this article: consumer brands will drive VR/AR awareness; location-based experiences will be the second driver; it’s going to take more than 360 degree video to go beyond the VR/AR sampling phase; it’s the new frontier for advertising; and display will no longer be limited to screens.

10 Quick Tips for Social Media Success

I realize that saying content marketing on social media is a tough business sounds ridiculous, like when Laurie Foreman tearfully raged, “Cosmetology is too hard!” on That ‘70s Show; however, striking the right tone with the right audience on social media is hard.  I mean, there are what, 100 social media platforms out there and you’re expected to be present and proficient on at least three of them (or at least it feels that way).  I digress.  If you feel the way I feel, then Kathryn Jones’ run down of 10 quick tips for social media success is for you.  She covers finding your brand’s voice, when to post, choosing platforms, and more in this savvy listicle.

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