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The Friday Fix - September 16, 2016

Curious to know what’s been said about content marketing this week? If so, tune in for the Friday Fix. This week, pundits show Snapchat lots of love, while others share storytelling tips, and we tell you why we hate marketing. It’s good stuff, so come get a Fixin’ of this Friday’s special.

7 Ideas for Stories to Tell about Your Brand

Storytelling is where it’s at for making your brand and your content accessible; however, how many of you get writer’s block the minute someone says, “Tell me a story?” If this is you, then thank Jayson DeMers with this fantastic list of seven tried-and-true story ideas for your brand.

6 Secrets of Digital Storytelling

Peter Minnium starts this piece by criticizing the “rampant jargonization” of the word storytelling and aims to define what good storytelling really is (it’s an art form, people). Next, Peter discusses what storytelling isn’t (like a quick fix for all of your brand’s problem) before explaining how stories can be told using digital media.

What Marketing Can Learn about Emotional Storytelling the Data-Based Pixar Way

You might be surprised to think that storytelling legend Pixar relies on something as seemingly bland as data to tell emotional stories; however, Sean Hargrave reveals that Pixar indeed uses data to be able to hit the nail on the head every time whether it means making audiences laugh or cry.

Forget Video Snacking: Longer Brand Stories Are Hitting Home

Unsurprisingly, the best way to stand out in the over-saturated world of snackable content is to provide audiences with a meal (they’re starving out there). In this article, Matthew Yeomans turns his focus to the rise of documentary storytelling, noting how it has given companies’ voices authority and authenticity (but documentaries are only as good as their stories).

Forget Social Media Think Social Business

Who knew there might come a day when you were encouraging your employees to get on social media during office hours? Well, that’s what Bernie Borges suggests here with the concept of social business. Social business is focusing on business outcomes instead of chomping for likes, follows, and retweets. Bernie says it’s a solid content strategy.

The Key to Successful Content Marketing

It’s safe to say there are many people like Alexandra Tselios whose eyes simply dry up when she reads content marketing jargon. In this piece, Alexandra talks about her successes and failures with her website, The Big Smoke, and details what she’s learned along the way (spoiler alert: knowing how to tell a story to digital natives is going to pop up).

Kids Brands Tap Snapchat’s Marketing Momentum

If you’re targeting younger audiences, take it from Wendy Goldman Getzler…Snapchat’s where it’s at with nearly a quarter of their 150-million person audience being 13-17 years old. To further drive that point home, Wendy reveals that Disney, Hasbro, and other kiddie brands are headed to Snapchat and why they’re doing it.

Reaching New Prospects through Snapchat Marketing

This week, Kim Honjo also looks at the obscene levels of success brands have using social media behemoth, Snapchat; however, there are right ways and wrong ways to integrate Snapchat. For example, she advises telling a story, sharing your culture, making it interactive, and more.

Here’s the 50 Snapchat Marketing Influencers You Need to Follow

In case you didn’t know, influencers are exactly what they sound like: they’re folks who influence other folks on social media. If you’re one of many who’ve griped that you don’t know who to follow on Snapchat, then check out Josh Steimle’s piece and start following the right people to boost your brand.

World’s First Immersive Storytelling Festival to Hit NYC This Fall

Just in from the BWW News Desk, the Future of StoryTelling (FoST FEST) is set to take place this October 7-9 in New York City. This piece details what will take place (like 50 hands-on technology demos, virtual reality, augmented-reality, live theater and more). Storytellers, check out this piece and buy your plane tickets.

Why We Hate Marketing

It might sound strange for a content marketing agency to say, “We hate marketing,” but at The Storyteller Agency, we do because why market when you can tell stories? Stories authentically and transparently help businesses build relationships with audience among other things (unlike marketing).

Are you turned off by marketing and want to find another way to reach your audience? If so, contact us at The Storyteller Agency and let us help you stop marketing and start storytelling.