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Google Analytics for Newbies


Google Analytics for Newbies

Google Analytics is the most widely-used website traffic analytics program. Analytics lets you know how your website is performing. Analytics tell you who comes to your webpage, who stays, what they do, etc. They measure a lot of essential information, so what should you use Google Analytics to measure and why?



7 Marketing Mistakes Your Business Might Be Making

Is your business reaping the benefits of its marketing efforts? Developing a successful marketing strategy is no easy feat and it sometimes requires a great deal of trial and error to get it just right. There are so many different pieces of the puzzle when it comes to building a strategy that is right for your business. The absence or failure of just one piece to that puzzle can throw everything awry. Today we are going to talk about some marketing mistakes that your business may be unknowingly making and how those mistakes could be affecting your success.

Misinterpreting Your Audience

Knowing your audience is a huge piece of the marketing puzzle. Who are you trying to reach and what do they want from you? Your answers to these questions need to be spot on in order for your marketing efforts to be requited. If you focus your marketing efforts on the wrong audience or you misinterpret your audience’s needs, your business will have a hard time generating any leads.

Failure to Think Outside the Box

When it comes to marketing, your business should always be looking for ways to improve and take your success to the next level. Just because your business is content in its efforts thus far, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be paying attention to the up and coming trends of the marketing world. Don’t be afraid to venture outside of the box and experiment with new and different avenues of marketing. Have you considered incorporating video into your marketing strategy?

Losing Your Brand Identity

While experimenting with different avenues of marketing is always encouraged, it is important to remain loyal to your brand’s identity. If you’re doing it right, your business should have a consistent voice and identity that is unique to your brand and allows your business to stand out from its competitors. When you spontaneously veer off of that course, it can cause your business to lose a certain level of credibility. Don’t let that stop you from experimenting with your marketing efforts – diligent planning is key when implementing new marketing strategies.

Publishing Irrelevant Content

Whether it be original or shared content, anything that you choose to publish and share with your audience should be relevant to their wants and needs. All content should be published with your audience in mind. If you start to spray out content that is irrelevant to your readers, you lose the likelihood that they will come back for more. Your goal is always to spark your readers’ interest, supply them with the answers to their questions and to become a source of information that they can trust.

Neglecting to Re-evaluate Your Marketing Strategy

A well-oiled machine requires servicing on a regular basis, right? Well, your business is no different. It is important that your marketing team schedule regular meetings to evaluate your marketing plan and make any and all necessary adjustments. This would be a good time to discuss the possibility of incorporating new ideas into your strategy, talk about new marketing trends that are on the rise and note which marketing efforts have been the most and least effective since your last meeting.

Not Measuring Your Success

So, how do you know which efforts have been the most and least effective? If you don’t know the answer then there is your first marketing mistake. Your business should be using tools for measuring the success (or lack thereof) of your marketing efforts. The results of these types of analytics are what you build your entire marketing strategy around. Google Analytics is a great place to start and is free to use. You will be amazed at the difference that incorporating analytics into your marketing strategy will have on your business’s success.

Not Putting a Face Behind Your Brand

Your audience wants to see the faces behind your business’s brand – the human side of your brand, if you will. This is what makes your business relatable and memorable to its audience. So, draw back the curtains and give your audience a peak into the people that work hard to make your business a success. Tell the story of your brand and the lives that live behind it. This is where the magic happens. 

Are you looking to shake things up with your marketing strategy? Reach out to us at The Storyteller Agency. Call us at 850.267.0931 or send us an email to We can update you on the latest trends of the marketing world and help your business incorporate some new ideas into your marketing plan.  



5 Marketing Goals to Set for 2016

Here we are, only a few short months away from a new year – I know, right? Time is flying at a scary speed. Have you thought about setting business marketing goals for the New Year? The time is now to assess where you are with your business and determine what areas need improvement. It is important to have these goals set and develop the necessary strategies before the New Year arrives so that you are ready to dive in come January. If you need some help brainstorming, we’ve got some suggestions for you to make 2016 your best year of marketing yet!

1.       Start Measuring Your Success

Is your business measuring its marketing efforts? This is a vital piece of the marketing success puzzle. Without the appropriate measurement tactics it is impossible to know which marketing strategies are working for your business and which ones are working against it. This is how you determine when and where to shift gears in your marketing strategy. Google Analytics is a great place to start with measuring your marketing efforts.

2.       Start Blogging

Has your business incorporated a blog into its website? This can be an intimidating avenue for some businesses, being that writing isn’t everyone’s forte. However, there are ample benefits to blogging for your business and if you don’t have a niche for writing, never fear – The Storyteller Agency is here! We create blog content for multiple clients, helping them to reap the benefits that blogging brings to their business. There is a right and wrong way to blog though. Being consistent and providing your readers with quality content are two big factors of successful blogging.

3.       Start Telling Your Brand’s Story

This probably goes without saying, but here at The Storyteller Agency we believe in the power of storytelling. We believe that every business has a story to tell and our goal is to help our clients discover that story and tell it in a way that is unique to their business. Storytelling is a way for your business to provide its audience with a quality experience that exceeds beyond simply promoting a product or service. With storytelling you can connect to your audience on a deeper level and make a lasting impression, optimizing your chances of creating a lead.

4.       Develop a Social Media Strategy

If you haven’t jumped on the social media bandwagon yet, you have certainly “missed the bus,” so to speak. In order to keep up with the rest of the business world, you need to be utilizing social media for your marketing efforts. However, social media isn’t a marketing avenue to enter into blindly – developing a strategy is a must. If you start blindly pumping your social media audience full of useless and/or uninteresting information it can backfire. It is important to devote the proper amount of attention to developing a strategy, creating an editorial calendar and making sure that you are giving your audience what they want.

5.       Stand Out from the Crowd

Take a moment and look around – how does your marketing strategy compare to other businesses in your field? Can you even tell a difference? Your goal for 2016 needs to be to stand out amongst your competition. Research and strategize different ways that you can offer something unique to your audience. Maybe it’s time to incorporate video production into your marketing strategy (we can help you with that) or maybe come up with a creative marketing campaign to start 2016 off with a bang – make sure that your business isn’t getting lost in the crowd. 

Are you ready to set some new marketing goals for the New Year? Reach out to us at The Storyteller Agency. Call us at 850.267.0931 or send us an email to We can help you with any and all of your marketing efforts and assist in creating a marketing strategy that will be unique to your business.