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The Friday Fix - September 19, 2014


The Friday Fix - September 19, 2014

It’s been a hard day’s night this week, but it’s finally time for the Friday Fix! Lately, we’ve been talking about storytelling; this week, the virtues your parents tried to instill in you come up as winning content marketing strategies: be patient, work hard, be honest, and eat your vegetables. Okay, that last one is just because we want you to be healthy, but applying those other tried and true methods will help you get to the next level.

1964 the Tribute played to a Beatles-loving crowd at CMWorld in Cleveland, Ohio.

3 Things The Beatles Can Teach You about Content Marketing
The key notes to The Beatles’ success had less to do with yellow submarines and girls in the sky with diamonds as they did with sound strategies like: embracing your identity, taking it one day at a time, and working hard and often. Sajeel Qureshi’s advice on how to translate these approaches into content marketing is music to our ears.

10 Things You Missed at Content Marketing World 2014
Just in case you missed this global event, Arnie Kuenn gives a detailed run-down of topical highlights and key note speakers’ strategies, which –unsurprisingly—include the importance and challenges of exciting and inspiring audiences through storytelling.

Why Consumer Psychology Matters in Content Marketing
A decade ago, aggressive, tricky tactics were employed to get consumers to click on a site, but we quickly learned that we were not the one-millionth visitor to a site and that we won nothing (a virus, perhaps, but nothing useful). In this article, Kimberly Grimms treats readers to no-tricks approaches on how psychology should be used to change consumer’s behavior in favor of their business.

Content-Marketing Lessons from 4 Successful Kickstarter Campaigns
Aaron Agius shines a light on the mystery of why some campaigns sail into the sunset while others sputter and sink. By analyzing four different campaigns Agiusshares elements that will put wind in any campaign’s sails such as bringing in the pros for marketing materials like photos (no iPhone snaps, please).


Content Marketing World 2014 Recap featuring Laura Holloway
In this week’s Social Media Social Hour podcast, Tyler Anderson not only gives the play-by-play of Content Marketing World, he also –and more importantly—sits down with Simply Content Marketing founder, Laura Holloway for her clever take on Content Marketing World 2014 from the POV of a business owner and a conference freshman.

The New World of Predictive Marketing
Coming soon to a new dimension between sales and marketing near you: predictive marketing! In this must-read, Ashley Friedlein explains that if we can define what attributes look good for customers, then predictive marketing technologies can mine and use real-time data. The ideas are illustrated with an example of predictive marketing using a LinkedIn app (that we bet you’d love to make work for you).

Top Content Marketing Mistakes Holding You Back
Your content marketing strategy may be fueled with best practices and have started in the fast lane, but if you find that you’re stalling or getting passed by the competition, you may be making one of the three critical errors Carrie Majewski highlights in this quick read.

Content Marketing is About Trust, Not Just Reach
Have you ever ordered a glorious-sounding entrée only to discover none of the flavor profiles mentioned on the menu make it onto the plate? Like a good meal, your content marketing needs to serve people what they want / expect. In this article, David Dubois shows that by having an honest and informative menu, people leave satisfied and quickly come back for more.

A Smorgasbord of Content Marketing Metrics
You’ve got a marketing strategy, and you want to see if it’s working, but what do you track? How much? Agh, so many questions! Hats off to Chris Lake for his awesome “Best Metrics Chart” of basic, engagement, positioning, and KPIs metrics.

11 Tools that Make Content Marketing a Snap
Okay, so we all know that there are essentials to a good content marketing strategy –organization, idea generation, promotion, and analysis. In this well-organized piece, Stacy Thompson shares 11 nifty tools that will make your life easier.

Put the Market Back into Content Marketing
According to Tom Carpenter, marketing has taken the backseat to content to the extent that content is being created for the sake of content. Tom proposes as flip to the status quo: calling it marketing with content provides five clever strategies for making marketing a priority to go along with that content.

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