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The Friday Fix - September 9, 2016

While Cabaret lyricist Fred Ebb might say that money makes the world go ‘round, we say it’s content marketing, which is why each week, we take a look at what the best-of the-best have to say on the subject. This week, we (and others) evaluate Instagram Stories and what one can do with it. We also highlight what’s been going on at Content Marketing World 2016, why brand storytelling is the new marketing, and why sometimes it’s okay to feature sponsored content among other things. All in all, it’s a great week for content marketing, and if you’re sold on the fact that Starbucks is getting ready to go big in the storytelling game, then you simply must try the Chile Mocha as you sit down and get ready to get your Friday Fix on.

Why Brand Storytelling is the New Marketing: An Interview with Robert McKee

As a storytelling agency, this piece really hits close to home because in Jon Simmons’ interview with the legendary Robert McKee, we get even greater insight as to the essence and importance of telling stories, real stories, as opposed to advertising and “marketing”. Audiences want to get to know you and to feel your authenticity and to relate to you; it’s a new kind of selling.  To sum it up, you’re showing your vulnerability and telling the truth; you’re showing, not telling, and you’re definitely not selling.

Shock and Awe: Why Emotion is the Most Powerful Marketing Tool

We’ve all heard that storytelling is where it’s at when it comes to content marketing because stories have the unique power to appeal to the emotions, but we don’t often get the story on why it is emotions have so much hold over audiences. In this article, Evelyn Timson takes a psychological approach in looking at how and why emotion trumps logic in the content marketing game.

4 Psychological Triggers Every Content Creator Must Know

According to Mansal Denton, we use innate communication skills in order to relate to the world around us because it’s part of evolutionary psychology. This is much the same way we start eating the Ghirardelli dark chocolate toffee bar and don’t stop until there’s no more savory chocolate to transfer from our hands to our mouths (not that such a thing happened today or anything). Anyway, more importantly, Mansal notes that by making the unconsciousness of evolutionary psychology conscious, we can go from being good content creators to great ones (and possibly, such understanding will help us put down the Ghirardelli before it’s too late).

Why Should You Outsource Content Marketing

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably explored content marketing and have hopefully realized that it’s absolutely what your company needs to thrive because not only is it 62% less costly than traditional marketing, as revealed by author Priyanka Desai, but it’s also shown that 61% (and we suspect a lot more) consumers are more willing to buy from companies that do content marketing. By outsourcing your content marketing, you free up your time, energy, and talents to focus on the things that you’re passionate about while also giving yourself ready access to the content marketing experts because…well, you hired them.

7 Video Marketing Hacks for Social Media

So, if content marketing were bees, video would be its knees, but you already knew that (right?). If not, think of how much influence video has over you…of how often you choose to watch a video instead of read…. Okay, now we’re on the same page. Video marketing is where it’s at right now, and in an effort to help you up your social media marketing game, U.K. video production operator Jon Mowat gives seven essential tips from going live to going native to making a hash out of it for going big instead of going home with video marketing.

Five Elements on Why Businesses Must Prioritize Creation of Video Content

When it comes to telling your story using video, the impacts cannot be overstated. In this piece, pundit Shabana Arora explores how to get the biggest bang for your buck (if you will) when it comes to video content. In fact, per Shabana, more audience time is spent on digital video than on social media. Thus, embedding, repurposing content, and telling an emotional story are three of the five elements highlighted in this article that serve as incentives for prioritizing video content.

Do Sponsored Content Disclosures Affect Engagement?

While many are wary of audience reception to sponsored content (I mean, isn’t that just like the advertising we’re trying to divert from?), Sarah Ware brings to light that not all sponsored content is ghastly in the eye of the beholder. What’s the difference? Quality. If you’re sharing a quality story with quality photography and the team creating the content ate quality bagels (okay, that last bit is an exaggeration), then audiences will be just as receptive as though the words sponsored content weren’t there (more or less).

Next Up on Starbucks’ Menu: Original Stories to Read with Your Coffee

In case you happen to be looking at the big brands to get an idea of how to tailor your content marketing strategy, then have a taste of what Starbucks is brewing. The coffee icon is looking to spice up their reach with stories about inspiring Americans. (This will possibly add more spice to their lattes and Frappuccinos than the Chile Mocha.) Candice Choi brings the details on Starbucks Upstanders series, which (in addition to inspiring a craving for caffeine) adds fuel to the importance-of-storytelling fire in content marketing.

#CMWorld 2016: Nine Thing to Know about the Content Marketing World Conference in Cleveland This Week (Video)

In case you missed it or your busy social calendar kept you out of Cleveland this week for Content Marketing World 2016 (#CMWorld 2016), then thank Janet Cho for stepping it up with this run-down of the nine things you need to know about this year’s Content Marketing World. Key tidbits include number of attendees and keynote speakers among other things.

Going Behind the Scenes with Brands’ Instagram Stories

When it comes to social media platforms, all eyes are on Instagram Stories, and brands like what they see. While there’s nothing wrong with creating glossy magazine-worthy images (what the platform is best-known for), brands love the fresh, organic quality of telling stories that Instagram Stories offers. In this piece, Gemma Goldfingle checks out brands like Topshop and SilkFred that are embracing Instagram Stories. Pro tip? Keep it short and snappy and be willing to share an up-close-and-personal look at your brand with the platform.

How to Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories made a big splash recently by (supposedly) doing the same thing Snapchat does. Instagram Stories provides a way to use the popular image-based social media platform for sharing stories in a more authentic way than the polished, filtered picture-perfect platform was previously best-known for. There are several ways you can easily use Instagram Stories to tell your brand’s story in an authentic and unique way that will help you connect with your audience, no filter needed.

Do you want to tell your authentic brand story? If so, contact the pros at The Storyteller Agency. Our passion is storytelling, not marketing. Let us help you speak with, not at, your audience through Instagram Stories and other media channels.




Babies and Animals: How These Two Ingredients are Surefire Winners for Your Video Marketing

What is the genetic makeup of a successful video marketing campaign? Well, the answers to this question could be endless, but if there is one thing that we know for sure it’s that emotion is most certainly a key element to video marketing success. The goal is to capture your audience’s attention and then hold their attention by evoking certain emotions from them. So, where do babies and animals fit into this picture? Well, what better way to evoke emotion from your audience than by incorporating those two ingredients into your video, right? Let’s talk about some more reasons why it’s smart to include babies and animals in your video marketing.

Capturing Your Audience’s Attention

People generally love babies and animals – it’s a known fact, and when it comes to video marketing you have to be creative in thinking of ways for your video to capture the attention of your audience. Why do you think you see so many videos of babies and animals all over the internet? It’s because people are naturally inclined to watch those videos. So, when you incorporate babies or animals (or both in the same video to really grab your audience) into a video you are already ahead of the game for video marketing success.

Playing on Your Audience’s Emotion

Sure, there are plenty of ways that you can evoke emotion from your audience, but babies and animals carry what you would call “the whole package” of emotions. These two ingredients can make your audience feel an array of emotions all at once, which brings an element of magic to your video marketing strategy. When your audience watches one of your videos, you want them to do at least one or a combination of the following things -


Laughter is the best medicine, right? Well, it’s also one of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention and if you are making them laugh, you are doing something right. There is plenty of evidence on the internet to prove that babies and animals are a surefire way to make your audience laugh.


When you create video content that is relatable to your audience, the results can be magical. Relatable content has a higher potential for success and is more likely to be shared by your audience. When you include babies and/or animals in your video, there are endless ways for you to create content that is relatable to a very large audience.

Feel ‘Warm & Fuzzy’ Inside

Who doesn’t love a good case of the ‘warm and fuzzies?’ When a video taps into the sentimental side of your audience’s emotion, your brand will naturally become more memorable to your viewers. From that moment forward the viewer will relate that sentimental feeling with that video and your brand. What’s more warm and fuzzy than babies and animals?


Let me specify that we are talking about a ‘good cry.’ You know the one – when you are watching a commercial on TV or a video on the internet that is so emotionally powerful that you let out one of those ‘good cries’ that feels good deep down into your soul. If you can make your audience ‘good cry,’ you’ve won the video marketing lottery. Can we say Budweiser puppy commercials? Exactly.

Create Shareable Video Content

So, when it comes to creating a video marketing strategy, one of the ultimate goals is to create content that your audience will want to share on social media, and you simply cannot do that without evoking some sort of emotion from your audience. It is proven that people are more likely to share any content that makes them feel one or more of the things that we listed above. And have you been on Facebook lately? Not a day goes by that I don’t scroll through my newsfeed and see at least one video of a laughing baby or cute animals doing insanely adorable things. Why not use that to your marketing advantage?

Are you considering incorporating video into your marketing strategy? With a little creative expertise your video campaign could take your business to the next level. Visit our website at or email us at and let us help you get started on creating a successful video marketing strategy. 



New Trends in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – how did our marketing strategies thrive before it came along? It’s becoming more difficult to remember. With new social platforms popping up like new pop stars on the music scene, it can prove difficult to keep up with the new trends – which trains your company should hop on and which trains you should let pass you by. Let’s talk about some of these new trends and what they can mean for your company.

The Magic of Short Video Marketing

It’s time to start catering to the short attention spans of your audience, and you can start by embracing the fact that long attention spans are mostly a thing of the past when it comes to your marketing efforts. Video marketing is indeed a growing trend that will fit beautifully into your social marketing strategy, but in order to maximize your audience reach you have to get it right. Here are some tips on incorporating video marketing into different social platforms.  

  • Vine (6-second videos)
  • Instagram (15-second Instavids)
  • Facebook (videos that can be 2 or 3 minutes long)
  • LinkedIn Professional Portfolio videos

Tapping into Audience Emotion

Organic audience reach is becoming more difficult because, honestly, people are getting needier in terms of what it takes to get their attention. You know what the people want? They want to feel something. They don’t simply want to see your product or hear about the services that your company offers, they want to be shown in a way that tugs on their heartstrings. They want to connect with your company or product on a deeper level – any guys out there having flashbacks of a needy ex-girlfriend? Good, that means you are getting the point. Your audience isn’t interested in a surface level relationship – they want you to make them feel something.

Paid vs. Organic Reach

Although a lot of marketing companies are trying to hold on for dear life to reaching their audience organically, it is becoming more difficult as more companies are now starting to put money into it. This trend creates a bigger challenge, especially on social channels such as Facebook, for other companies to keep up and continue to increase their organic reach. This definitely doesn’t mean that all companies need to start forking out the cash, but it does mean that if you want to go the organic route, it’s time to get creative and up your game.

Social Media Marketing Is a Trend in Itself

Let’s take a look at the bigger picture here – do you know what’s REALLY trending? Social Media Marketing and the Social Media job scene – it’s getting HOT and the competition for these jobs is getting FIERCE. Companies that never even dreamed that social media marketing would be a term they would even use are now making room in their budget to hire someone to work their social media magic. Don’t be surprised to see colleges offering degrees with this focus in mind in the near future, either.

Taking on the Data and Analytics Challenge

‘Taking a shot in the dark’ is not a very good social media marketing strategy, and most companies know that. However, the challenge of decoding the data and analytics of your social marketing efforts has proven to be a big challenge for a lot of companies. {Cue Social Media Data Analyst} But guess what? It is worth the challenge and your efforts will be rewarded. Taking a deeper look into the data and analytics of your social media efforts is the key that unlocks the door to social marketing success. Hint: This is one of those trains that your company needs to hop on.

Storytelling with Snapchat

What was once considered an app that parents were hoping that their teenage daughters weren’t using, has now become a popular tool for brand storytelling. Big brands are hopping on the brand storytelling train and using Snapchat to do it – and it’s working! Find out more about how Snapchat can help your company tell its story.

Not sure which social media marketing train that your company should hop on? Reach out to us at The Storyteller Agency. Call us at 850.267.0931 or send us an email to We can answer all of your social media questions and help your company to grow with our proven methods of successful social media marketing strategy.