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The Friday Fix - March 10, 2017


The Friday Fix - March 10, 2017

The weeks of 2017 are “marching” along (see what we did there?), and it’s time yet again for the Friday Fix, which is our agency’s weekly review of what sorcery is taking place in the world of content marketing (and what pundits are saying about it). So, pull up a seat, kick back (it’s practically the weekend), and get your Friday Fix.

Content Marketing Isn’t Marketing Content

There’s a difference between content marketing and marketing content. Ross Mayfield shows that it’s the difference between being noise and breaking through the noise to meaningfully connect with your audience. The most important part? Brand narrative.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Content Marketing

You’re marketing, but are you content marketing? Dan Scalo gives four very clear and compelling reasons for getting your business into the game. For example, unlike most traditional marketing strategies, content marketing is actually very low up-front cost with a high ROI potential.

How to Build a Marketing Funnel to Promote Your Personal Brand

Whether it’s a personal brand or a corporate brand, the marketing funnel, as explained by Clifford Jones, goes from being aware of your potential audience to zeroing in on your actual customers and channeling your content toward them; for example, he says make your story one that appeals to your ideal customer.

Does Native Advertising Work?

Tom Bentley goes in depth with the critical question of whether or not native advertising works. Native advertising, AKA sponsored content, has pros and cons. The main takeaway is that when leveraged correctly, native ads can help your brand.

Digital Video: The Challenge of the Opening Seconds

It’s common knowledge that marketers have mere seconds to hook the audience and that video makes up a hefty part of your marketing budget. David Kirpatrick analyzes how to immediately hook viewers and to make every second of digital video count.

What Do Snap’s AR Glasses Mean for Your Social Strategy?

Snap now has AR (artificial reality) glasses. If you’re still trying to grasp how to use Snap in the first place, don’t worry, there’s a book for that. Jonathan Crowl gets you up to date with Snap’s latest innovation and what they mean for your content strategy.

Here’s What 2016 Taught Us about Content Marketing and SEO

Three months out of 2016 is enough time to have a clear hindsight view of what worked and didn’t work in 2016 and what the key takeaways were. Entrepreneur’s Brian Sutter walks us through things with observations like going mobile is a must (so is establishing trust), and UGC is our probable future.

Mercedes-Benz’s Most Ambitious Marketing Project is All about What It Means to Grow Up

Sometimes, the best way to figure out how to tell a great story is to see how others creatively tackle the same task. Mercedes-Benz latest project provides a great example. Angela Natividad reviews the finer points of the campaign’s poignant and relatable message.

Brand Publishing in Retail: An Interview with Chad Mitchell, Senior Director of Digital Communications at Walmart

Great brands know that complacency will get you nowhere. Haniya Rae interviews Walmart’s Senior Director of Digital Communications, Chad Mitchell, who reveals the recent success of Walmart’s blog, Walmart Today as well as lessons learned and other insights.

Oh Snap! A Book on How Business Can Use Snapchat

If your brand has to capture millennials but you have no idea how to use Snap or Snapchat, then this newest book is worth checking out. Ken Yeung reviews the quick-read’s content while also explaining how using Snapchat can help a brand improve its brand storytelling capabilities.

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