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Human Emotion and Quality Marketing: Why You Can't Have One without the Other

Human emotion is powerful – when was the last time that you felt extreme sadness or laughed until you cried? Chances are you can probably tell us that story down to the very last detail. Am I right? When it comes to quality marketing, tapping into human emotion is what leaves an impression on your audience. If you aren’t making your audience feel anything, you aren’t making an impact.  In today’s blog post we are talking about human emotion and quality marketing and why they go hand in hand.

Emotional Marketing Triggers the Brain

When you make your audience laugh, cry or feel joy and compassion, you trigger something in their brain that makes your brand memorable. Emotional marketing is smart marketing and all of the big brands have caught on – why haven’t you?

Video Beautifully Taps Into Human Emotion

Video marketing is probably the easiest way to tap into your audience’s emotions because it is such a powerful storytelling tool. In fact, if you are incorporating video into your marketing strategy and you aren’t considering the human emotion factor, you’re doing it wrong and you’re missing out on quality marketing potential.

Laughter is the best medicine (and Marketing Tool)

There is a reason why your Facebook newsfeed is flooded with funny videos – people love them (and then they SHARE them)! Maybe it’s the crazy world that we live in today that causes people to appreciate a moment of laughter in the middle of their work day – whatever it is, your brand can certainly benefit from being the source of that laughter. Lighten up and give your audience something to laugh about.

Storytelling Sparks Human Emotion

It is almost impossible to tell a good story without sparking some emotion in your audience. The days of simply promoting a product or service are far gone and your audience now EXPECTS you to make them feel something. When you tell a great story that ignites joy or compassion in your audience that story becomes a memorable (and shareable) part of your brand, and being memorable is what puts your brand a step ahead of the rest.

Quality Marketing Requires Creative Strategy

Quality marketing isn’t as easy to come by as it once was. Memorable content now requires a creative strategy that will set your brand apart from the rest. You want to tap into your audience’s emotions, but you want to do so in a way that remains true to the voice of your brand – that’s where the strategy comes in. What's your strategy?

Are you looking for some creative minds to help your business develop a quality marketing strategy? The Storyteller Agency is a creative boutique marketing agency that specializes in emotional marketing via a multitude of outlets such as video, written content and more.