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The Friday Fix - March 17, 2017


The Friday Fix - March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s always nice when the Friday Fix coincides with a holiday because holidays are great for content marketers. You know what else is great for content marketers? Staying on top of the latest content marketing news and trends with the Friday Fix. So, Irish up that coffee and get in the know.

Tracking Consumer Behavior? Try Using More Emotional Data, Instead

Taylor Holland uses her own family’s experience crib shopping to illustrate why all data isn’t created equally. What’s more, she explains how using emotional data is not only unique but how it also leads to better storytelling.

5 Simple Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Marketing

There are lots of reasons some folks still aren’t using storytelling in their marketing. Pam Neely shares a few; for example, some say it’s too expensive while others say it’s a fad. First, no and no. Second, you don’t have to be a King or a Grisham to tell great stories.

Stay Ahead of Content Marketing Trends This Year

It’s easy to spot and watch trends, but actually implementing them takes some a little more time than others. Kelly Ehlers makes a case for why you should be running with native advertising, influencers, visual on visual, and storytelling now.

Dole and Disney Help Parents Encourage Healthier Eating through Disney Characters and Storytelling

In the past, we’ve shared articles that talk about how great collaborating can be for a content marketing strategy. The Newton Daily news illustrates the power of collaboration with an example of how Dole and Disney are teaming up to help their shared audiences eat more healthily.

The Chief Content Officer is Dead; Long Live Content Marketing

So, true story…content marketing works if you approach it correctly. Pawan Deshpande examines how most companies invest their content marketing funds in terms of talent and where needs actually exist in order to rise to the top of the content marketing food chain.

The Key (and Sometimes Forgotten) Principles of Content Marketing

It’s easy to start to think of content marketing in a series of metrics and buzzwords; however, as Ashley Poynter reminds us, without empathy, honesty, commitment, and humility, your content is just that.

That’s Some Backward Research!... Or Is It?

Funda Whitaker looks back at her start in marketing and shows that some of the same problems that existed in yesteryear still plague marketers today. The solution? Work backwards to create a survey instrument and then tell a story.

‘Consumers Are Not Interested in Ads. They Want Uninterrupted Experiences’: Mastercard Chief Marketer

Carolin Roth, James Wright, and Lucy Handley collectively contribute to this piece in which Mastercard’s chief marketing officer Raja Rajamanna reveals that experiences, or creating “story making” opportunities are the way to reach ad-weary audiences.  

Research: Outbrain Releases the Global State of Content Marketing

The numbers are in and 2016 was the biggest year yet for content marketing. Sheila Shayon shares some of the global research’s most interesting take-aways, like that Germans trust brands almost as much as media.

The New PR: 5 Content and News Distribution Strategies You Need to Master

If great content falls on the Internet, and it’s poorly distributed and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? While that updated proverb needs a little work, Bob Geller’s content and distribution strategies just need adopting.

How to Achieve Authenticity with Your Brand Marketing

Being authentic with your brand marketing is essential for building trust and fostering relationships with your audience. To be authentic, you just have to be yourself and be honest while being accessible to your audience.

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