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The Friday Fix - May 12, 2017


The Friday Fix - May 12, 2017

It’s the Friday before Mother’s Day, and in case you forgot, worry not…KFC has Mom covered. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, then dive into the Friday Fix, our rundown of the week in content marketing. This week, we’ve got an extra-spicy blend of the good stuff with all of the “fix”ings. Dig in! 

Colonel Sanders is a Romance Novel Hunk in KFC’s ‘Steamy’ Mother’s Day Promo

You won’t look at Harlan Sanders the same way again after viewing KFC’s latest promo, but the blend of spices in this campaign works. David Kirkpatrick breaks down the new angle: mom doesn’t have to cook, the ‘Colonel’ is a romantic hero, Mom gets a free short-story romance, and you giggle at all future mentions of juicy thighs.

5 Reasons Why Instagram is Beating Snapchat at Its Own Game

Snapchat’s story feature started with a bang so big that all of the other social platforms quickly got their acts together and got on board. Now, per Tom Ward, Instagram Stories is beating Snapchat at its own game. The reasons are as simple as “it’s hard to find people on Snapchat.”

UX is Content: Content is UX

Andy Crestodina may have voiced the modern “chicken or the egg” paradox with this question: “Are these website items (navigation buttons, calls to action, positioning of images, etc.) pure ‘content’? Or are they part of a website user experience(UX)? Or both?” Joe Stanganelli shares the analysis in this article.

Storytelling: Using the Moth to Turn to the Light

You know you need stories. Writer Tom Bentley knows you need stories for your brand marketing; however, just because you know you need them, do you know how tell them? Stories light up a special part of your audience’s brains. Tom reveals his pro-storytelling tips and which brands are connecting with the best tales.

Mapping the Course: Storytelling and the Customer Journey

You can get a lot of perspective by taking a big step back and looking at where our customers are in their journey with your brand. Goran Pauvonic advocates doing just that with a customer journey map, a tool that helps you visualize the customer’s experience from their POV.

3 Things that Will Make Your Content More Engaging

Mindy Weinstein proposes the S.I.P. acronym for making your content more engaging. That is: storytelling, inspiration, and practicality. Put them all together, and your audience has something they can relate to and act upon.

How Small Business Owners Can Get More Out of Their Low-Budget Marketing Campaigns

Budgets and fear of not seeing ROI inhibit many a small business owner from making substantial gains through content marketing. If this is you, Hassan Mansoor shares several actionable tips for making your small budget yield big returns.

The Story Behind Nike’s Ambitious Effort to Run a Marathon in Less than 2 Hours

The fastest marathon (26.2 miles) ever run was in 2:02:57, and Nike’s trying to break the record. Per Angela Natvidad, while no one’s succeeded yet, Nike’s latest campaign to achieve the near-impossible is paying off big. Check out the story to see how, then go break your own records.

Visual Marketing Best Practices for Startups to Leverage

New company, new ad campaign…it’s all new, so where do you begin? Angela Ruth has the best-practices for startups to get up and out there.

What is Content Curation and How Can You Use It for Your Small Business?

No matter what industry you’re in, curating content can help your small business in many important ways. Nash Riggins explains what curated content is and how it can help you.

Unlike running a marathon in under two hours, succeeding with content marketing doesn’t have to be hard if you have the right kind of support. Contact The Storyteller Agency and check out our many professional services. With us as your coach, we’ll have you leading the pack in no time.