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The Friday Fix: June 23, 2017


The Friday Fix: June 23, 2017

Look what Tropical Storm Cindy blew in…the Friday Fix! Today’s feature fixates on the latest news and ideas in digital marketing, interactive storytelling (are you ready to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) yet?), and ways to improve your social media strategy. Great. Go top off that coffee and come back for a little brain-boosting while you wait for the weekend to start. Happy Friday!



The Friday Fix - February 20, 2015

Well crisp my chickens…we’ve nearly reached the beginning of spring…break.  For a little preview of what taking a break might feel like, here’s the Friday Fix.  Like a midday massage for your mind, the Fix brings all of the rest and relaxation as well as essential content information your weary mind has been craving.  From industry best practices to tips and strategies on creative content, this week’s Fix has a little something for every relax and get Fixed quick style.


Curation Tools to Find the Best Content for Your Audience
Though I’m fairly certain Brad Kuenn highlighted at least three resources that could replace me (but really, could Storify give mind massages like I do?), he truly does provide some incredibly useful tools for curated content that will help you reach out and touch your audience.  As though the breakdown of tools weren’t lovely enough, Brad also shares his secret rule of thirds, which –if you want to know—you’ll have to read the article for.

Why You Must Include LinkedIn in Your content Marketing
It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned the importance of LinkedIn, but Julia McCoy brings it back into the forefront noting that it’s looking to be the dark horse of social media and will actually trump Twitter at content marketing.  Wait, what?  Yeah, that’s what I said, too.  Check out Julia’s words of wisdom to get the full details.

4 Tips to Incorporate Visuals into Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy
Visuals are the shiny things of content marketing; they may not have all of the integrity of your carefully written approach, but by golly, they get attention (I mean, did you see how shiny?).  While Kathy Dam understands your integrity and commitment to the written word, she also gets that visuals are going to be the reason folks take the cake, hence these 4 awesome tips for working visuals into your content marketing strategy.


3 Ways to Meet the Endless Challenge of Coming Up with Great Content Ideas
If you’ve ever openly wept to a Starbucks barista about the pressures of constantly needing to be creative, then you probably work in content marketing (or you need to see a therapist…either / or, really). The honest fact is that your job is to be brilliant 24/7, and let’s face it, even DaVinci couldn’t pull that off.  Pratik Dholakiya (and I) understand your predicament, hence his writing and my sharing of these three strategies for being constantly thrilling in the content room (wink).

9 Actionable Content Marketing Tips from Top Industry Experts
From the peaks of success, Sujan Patel descends to bring you word from the top runners.  What are the words of wisdom he brings from Mount High?  Good ones.  Audience-focused storytelling leads the pack; this is a great read for anyone who either feels good about where they are going and wants to ensure they are checking their boxes or for marketers who aren’t sure if they’re grappling toward the right tall peak.

The Key Elements of Killer Content Marketing
No, Mitch Meyerson doesn’t want you to literally slay people with your content marketing (or does he…his name does contain the surname Meyers in it….), but he does want you to knock ‘em dead (wait a minute).  I’m kidding.  In all seriousness, this savvy piece breaks down what’s essential for truly effective, attention-grabbing content marketing from your title (see current for details) to the call to action (are you not doing this? If you are not doing this, read this post lest Meyerson come after you in your dreams…hmmm, wrong horror film, isn’t it?


The Best Content Marketing Tools for Creation, Promotion, Syndication, & More
Larry Kim points out the dichotomy of content marketing right away, which is that though the practice and discipline are new, the tools of the trade are confident and many.  As we all know, content marketing is hard (some may say killer) as there are several components requisite for success including producing, organizing, measuring…(one more word, and I’ll have to pay Larry for the list).  My point is, a lot goes into it, and Larry Kim provides excellent tools for all of these categories (and more!).

Oscar award

Three Oscar-Worthy Content Marketing Standouts
I know that the Oscars are coming up because Sesame Street is having an Oscar the Grouch weekend on Sprout, which is the toddler network that recently got promoted to 100% viewership in our house (help…send wine…adult conversation…proof that Kim Kardashian won’t be all that’s left when my youngest starts kindergarten…anything). My joking and oblivion to what the grown ups are talking about aside, Erica Boynton highlights some awesome content marketing Oscar winners in this easy-to-read post.  Check it out. 

Content Marketing Personalization: Know Your Audience
I wish I could say that the wise words, “know thyself and know thy audience” (written by me and I’m sure hundreds of others) would suffice to sum up what Andrew Schulkind wants to get across here, but there’s more to it than that.  In fact, that’s only half of the equation as the other half is the oh-so-important part where you address the audience and what they want and who they are.  Content marketing really is like a relationship.  Read on to learn more about the most important commitment of your profession.

17 Key Content Marketing Metrics to Start Tracking Today
So, let’s not kid ourselves –we all dig a certain part of this whole content marketing thing more than we do the other parts.  Some of us like the front end that involves writing, reaching audiences and all of that good stuff, but here’s the thing –how do we know we’re reaching audiences?  Data, my friends, data.  Submitted for the approval of the content marketing society by the wise Aaron Agius are these 17 essential content marketing metrics to start tracking ASAP.  Check them out; track them; live without content nightmares. 

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