To Banish Loneliness and Increase Relevance.

How It Started:

Laura met Lisa Wainwright of Somerby Assisted Living at an FPRA event, and after touring the Somerby facility and hearing more from the people that worked there, she realized there is a true need for educating the golden generation in social media connection. While the facility is cheerful and the staff is kind, Laura knew (as her grandmother told her during a recent stay at a hospital in MS) that the times between seeing friends and family can be boring, and more than that: lonely. So was born Golden Social. 

Click to read the article in the Walton Sun.

Click to read the article in the Walton Sun.

"This is a project that I hope will grow outside of our community, allowing many others to bring a #GoldenSocial experience and education to the golden residents of their own towns and cities. It's so important that we realize that the older generation is still very much interested in being social, and it's up to our generation to open that door. "

Our Mission:

  • To use our talents to make a positive impact on the Golden population and bridge gaps across generations
  • To share our knowledge of social media through regular interaction and ongoing assistance
  • To banish loneliness, increase relevance and give new life to the day-to-day routines of our golden-aged neighbors, including those in assisted living facilities and living within our communities

How It Works:

Based on initial workshop classes and ongoing education provided by our group within the assisted living facility, each of us will be partnered with one Golden Gal or Guy, and will act as a mentor, to show the ropes of social media and help our resident friends connect with their own family and friends. This time with your person can be scheduled at your availability, and will be entirely up to you. All that we ask is that you spend at least one hour every couple of weeks with your 'student.' Our hope is that through this experience, we will all learn from each other and develop meaningful friendships.

How to Get Involved:

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