It’s Friday and what a Fixalicious Friday it is!  It’s nearly the end of September, football season is taking off, PSLs (love them or hate them) are back, and next week is the first day of fall!  How about that?  So, even though I can’t stand a PSL, I’m fairly jubilant.  Also, this week’s Friday Fix is packed with great reads including the results of a recent blogger survey, how to incorporate storytelling into your content marketing (including your blogs), the important role of data, and how to start planning for 2016 (yes, it’s time to do that already)!  So, grab a latte (pumpkin spice, if you must) and savor the flavor of fall as you indulge in this week’s Friday Fix.  Happy eye feasting!

Research Reveals Success Tactics of Top Bloggers: 11 Trends

Question: What do you get when you survey 1,074 business bloggers of their blogging habits?  Answer: You get one heck of a comprehensive, informative article by Orbit Media Studios’ Andy Crestodina.  In this fascinating analysis Andy reveals the amount of time most bloggers spend per blog post, when they blog, the frequency of publication, the number of bloggers who use editors, how bloggers drive traffic, and more!  So, if you’re a blogger think you could become a blogger or use a blogger, then this highly informative article is for you.

5 Easy Ways to Fit Storytelling into Your Blogs

So, step one of “get a blog” is complete…now, how to spread the honey to attract the flies, right?  Okay, so it’s not in those exact words that Julie McCoy explains how best to get readers into your blog, but it’s the same idea.  Storytelling is the bee’s knees when it comes to content marketing (as we’ve all confirmed), but how do you do it in such a way that your audience will be eagerly anticipating your weekly blog?  Julie taps into these world mysteries and more (or rather, why less is more) in this riveting read.

What You are Missing about SnapChat and the Future of Storytelling for Business

I greatly appreciate James Calder’s article because if you’re like me, then none of your friends use SnapChat and other than the knowledge it’s another social media platform, you really don’t get it (other than the vague recollection that some teenagers got in trouble with it that one time with the naughty photos).  James’ article immediately addresses the misconception held by me (and others, I assume) then goes on to explain the merits and uses of this highly interactive form of social technology (and even how we can all learn from NPR and the New York Times because per James, they’re nailing it).

Repurposing Your Content for New Media

Jordan Kasteler’s article caught my eye because as Jordan even acknowledges in the article, recycling content goes against all content wisdom and hits many a “do-not” do list, so I had to see what was up. What’s up is that repurposing and recycling are two different things.  Because Google will punish for reusing content, Jordan endorses refurbishing it.  That is, take old blogs or videos and repurpose them into ebooks or podcasts.  Neat, huh?  This helps you reach no audiences.  Not sure what to refurb? Not to worry, let Jordan’s article be your guide to conscientious content.

Become a Binge-Worthy Brand

I’m always behind on the newest shows because I would much rather binge-watch a rerun on Netflix sans interruption.  Tom Gerace rightly acknowledges that it’s not just me who digs binging on content be it television or other.  In this article, Tom explores how to get your audience to binge your content the same way they do 30 Rock re-runs on Netflix, Apple Music, or Hulu Plus. 

Data is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing

I’m so relived that Alexandra Samuel said it was data and not shoulder pads (I really need it in writing that those will never come back). Per Alexandra, data is one of those things that marketers have been oddly neglectful of, and honestly, it’s time to get on board the data train.  Why?  Because data can be presented visually; it can drive traffic and promote you as an authority figure.  Further, when was the last time you had such easy access to data?  (Pauses for effect.)  Yes, in a content marketing world where storytelling is of the utmost importance, there’s also a place for data; audience’s need both…I’m pretty sure there’s data out there to back up that claim. 

Orange-You-Glad I said “Content”? – Insights from Content Marketing World 2015

I love the title of Sesame Mish’s article; it reminds me of the punch line to the “orange you glad I didn’t say banana?” from my childhood.  It also references Joe Pulizzi’s favorite color, which if you read last week’s Fix (or were at #cmworld), you already knew…it’s orange.  Anyway, the color of delicious Satsumas aside, in case you missed CMW, fret not for Sesame highlights three key takeaways from the event in this piece including strategy talk from keynote Kristina Halvorson’s presentation, how to make your story all about the customers, and the concept of “creating ugly”. 

When Innovation in Marketing Meets Smart Homes

We all know what smart home technologies are; they’re the things that –as this article’s author John Montesi points out—are what put my life one step closer to my fantasy of living out The Jetsons (complete with a Rosie).  Smart homes are automated –your thermostat is on your phone, you can open the blinds from your iPad, etc.  It was only a matter of time before marketers figured out how to make use of this constant connection.  How is it happening?  Well, glad you asked because John has answers (spoiler: in addition to all of the cool technology, storytelling’s at the heart of the it all).

How and Why Content Marketing Works

Eric Enge’s article is a perfect read for anyone who is considering content marketing but hasn’t taken the plunge, for those who are looking at next year’s budget and hesitating pull the trigger on increasing the spending for content marketing, or for those who are doing because everyone says to but you seriously don’t get it.  Packed with infographics and comparisons, Eric’s article covers the gamut of what content marketing is all about as well as how your content marketing strategy can become derailed despite your best intentions. 

6 Simple Steps for Getting Your CEO Involved in Content Marketing

Austin Talbert’s article is a great read this week because it goes hand in hand with Eric Enge’s on “How and Why Content Marketing Works”.  We know from prior fixes and research that not every CEO or big-wig puts stock (or budget dollars) into content marketing despite the overwhelming research that substantiates the necessity of content marketing.  So, if you understand how and why content marketing words (Enge), then you’re better equipped for following these six clever yet simple steps (such as “have a voice”) to get your CEO in gear to put content marketing in a position of priority for 2016.

5 Marketing Goals to Set for 2016

So, you know how we always preach the virtues of planning ahead in content marketing?  Well, now’s your time to shine!  It’s never too soon to start planning those New Year’s Resolutions, and you know that 2016 will be here in fewer than three and a half piddly months.  If you’re like me, you just did a double take at the year that literally just flew by.  I digress.  We’re talking about goals.  What goals do you want to start setting now?  Well, how about a social media strategy, a brand story, and a blog for starters?  Check out the article for how to get those goal balls rolling and to see what the other two are.  Happy (early) content marketing resolution setting!

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