Have you caught up on your content marketing news lately? We’ve compiled the most recent updates for you, and this week’s Friday Fix shares how content marketing, video marketing and social media marketing are now essential to brands. To see how brands can optimize their marketing efforts to make sure they are receiving the best results, check out the articles below on our Friday Fix.

3 Things Your Company Needs To Know About Storytelling

Storytelling is crucial for brands to connect with their customers, but how does a company incorporate storytelling? Forbes says companies need to know their audience, use tools to enhance the story and identify employee advocates to help share their story. 

Social Media Companies Tackle Fake News and Abuse

Have you seen inaccurate news stories on your news feed lately? If the answer is yes, you aren’t alone. This week Google and Facebook were scrutinized for allowing false information to spread so quickly on their platforms. The Wall Street Journal shares that social media powerhouses are now taking steps to reduce fake news stories, misinformation and harassment.

Why Video Marketing is No Longer Optional, But Necessary

Business2Community shares that by 2019, 80% of Internet traffic will be video. For those brands that are still hesitant to get on board, this article shares types of content to consider sharing including tutorials and product demos and tips on how to start creating video content.

Christmas and Creative Thinking: The 5 Best Holiday Storytelling Campaigns of 2016 (So Far)

For companies looking for some holiday marketing inspiration, look no further. Skyword has compiled this year’s top campaigns for effective holiday storytelling. These brands recognize that sales pitches and cliché advertisements don’t work like they used to, so they are connecting with their audience emotionally through storytelling.  

Building Trust Using Content Marketing

It’s no secret that companies want their customers to trust them, but gaining that trust is a process. Small Business Trends says that businesses can build this relationship through content marketing by sticking to a schedule, using resources, having a unified voice, releasing high-quality content, tapping into influencers, allowing employees to be ambassadors, giving proof and becoming an expert.

Why Social Media Marketing is so Effective for Brands

Businesses that are not capitalizing on social media marketing are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with their customers. Daze Info shares steps for how to get started on social media and why this type of marketing works for brands.

Video Storytelling Marketing Will Go Viral in 2017

Small Business Trends predicts that video storytelling will go viral next year. Why? Video marketing works. Many companies have seen success, and even more businesses plan to incorporate this personalized storytelling into their communication strategies. Check out the article for a few suggestions on where companies can begin their video marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing: 4 Reasons Your Small Business Should Invest in It

It is a common misconception that small businesses cannot afford to be successful on social media, but that is not the case. Business2Community says brands that are not active on social media are putting themselves at a disadvantage compared to their competitors using the platforms. In addition, social media allows small businesses to develop a diverse set of connections, cater to multiple generations and create more promotional opportunities.

Giving Thanks: Our 2016 Recap

During this Thanksgiving season, we are so thankful for our clients and our accomplishments this year. Check out The Storyteller Agency’s 2016 recap including client highlights, our new location, community service, partnerships and an exciting announcement. 

Does your company need help with holiday marketing? The Storyteller Agency can assist you with all of your content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing and more to ensure your business has a successful holiday season.