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Best Ways to Give Back in Our Community in September


Best Ways to Give Back in Our Community in September

As humans, we owe it to our fellow man and woman to see and to act upon needs of others when and wherever help is needed. We say to start giving back where you live. Though idyllic in many ways, our quiet corner of the universe needs our help. The Storyteller Agency has been lucky to help tell the stories of many fantastic nonprofits in our community, and here are some ways you can give back to these organizations in September.


The Friday Fix - January 20, 2017


The Friday Fix - January 20, 2017

It’s a great day for content marketing because it’s time for the Friday Fix, which is our weekly rundown of the week’s content marketing news. Kick back with a cup of coffee and get the story from top CM pundits.

Corporate Storytelling: Figuring Out What You Stand For

For a few years, the question has been, “What’s your story?” Here, John Miller frames it a little differently by asking, “What do you stand for?” because what you stand for is your brand and in essence, is what you need to know to build your corporate story.

9 Best Storytelling Tools for Social Media Marketers in 2017

Trust Pankaj Narang in that telling your brand story is what social media’s all about. Not sure how to get that ball rolling? Not to worry…Pankaj gives the scoop on nine awesome social media storytelling tools worth checking out.

Break the Fourth Wall for Brand Storytelling Success

Last year, you might have read about the importance of letting customers be part of your story; well, that’s what Kathy Klotz-Guest calls the “fourth wall” of storytelling. By letting your audience in, they become part of your story, so get the tools you need to remodel your strategy and to tear down those walls.

Five Highly Persuasive Digital Marketing Tactics

Kristopher Jones knows a thing or two (or five) about the art of persuasion. If you want to be persuasive in your digital marketing strategy, you need to be authentic and natural. A couple of strategies Kristopher advises include using trigger words and telling a story.

8 Powerful Ways to Energize Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Feel like you’re spinning your wheels with your B2B game? If so, Wendy Marx shares what the game changer is for those who are succeeding versus those who aren’t. She also explores eight ways to jazz up your B2B strategy with tips like investing in a motivated storyteller, getting personal, and more.

What’s the Moral of Your Thought Leadership Story?

A.wordsmith’s senior content strategist Kelda Rericha has a few storytelling suggestions for improving your thought leadership story. Since this is the kind of solid information that leads to paying clients, why wouldn’t you want to improve your thought leadership content?

3 Major Marketing Campaign Opportunities B2B Technology Brands Missed

There are plenty of brands that do a great job with big campaigns and consistent stories; however, there are some that could’ve gone bigger and better per Taylor Holland. She breaks down three missed campaign opportunities and advises as you get ready to rock 2017, figure out what’s working, why, and how you can keep it going.

Three Reasons Every Company Needs an Audio Strategy

Everyone talks about video in a marketing strategy, but Neil Mody shows that an audio strategy is necessary for being seen and heard in a world where audience’s consumption habits are ever-changing.

How to Use Data to Make Killer Content Decisions

Data may not be glamorous, but it can certainly help you do glorious things. Take it from Lauren Gilmore who explains how to gather, explore, and interpret your data for purposes of making good decisions.

The 7 Worst Reasons for a Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing is awesome if it’s done properly and for the right reasons; however, as Renée Warren asserts, doing something smart “for the wrong reasons is just dumb”. After all, content marketing campaigns aren’t cheap, so are you doing things for the right reasons?

Avoid making common content marketing mistakes by working with the experts at The Storyteller Agency. Contact us and let us help you stop marketing and start storytelling.


The Friday Fix - December 30, 2016


The Friday Fix - December 30, 2016

It’s safe to say everyone is ready to bid 2016 adieu, but before you do, check out the Friday Fix and see what the last thing content marketers were thinking before ringing in 2017. Have a safe and Happy New Year! See you next year! (Yep, we said it.)

The Buyer’s Journey is Your Company’s Story to Tell

You hear “tell your brand story” all of the time, but what does that mean? Well, Sean Schroeder lays it out in this detailed piece showing how and why the buyer’s brand journey is your story to tell.

Is Content Marketing Truly Timeless?

Could content marketing last forever? That’s what Jayson DeMers debates in this “cases for / against”-style article in response to the question. Multiple mediums and a lasting reputation from a solid brand story make cases for yays while AI and user fatigue make cases for nays.

Timing is Everything: 7 Tips for Well Timed Content Marketing

Brian Fravel suggests that rather than content being king, timing is king because when sales drops content to the customer can make the difference in whether or not it’s consumed, so check out Brian’s timing tips for winning content delivery.

In 2017, Ask These Questions While Planning Your Digital Campaigns

A lot goes into content marketing success, and while talent is good, being strategic is also important. Take Carlton D’Silva’s advice on what to ask while planning your digital campaign (such as, what do you do with your data?).

8 Ways to Avoid Common Video Marketing Mistakes

Great video can have an awesome return, but bad video…cringe. Gordon Tredgold looks at eight mistakes you should avoid making with your (costly) video storytelling.

Follow These Content Marketing Trends in 2017: Part 1

Eric Wendt’s trends in the first part of his article are more like best practices. In this piece, he covers personalization, storytelling, and quality and provides details on how and why to follow those “trends.”

Follow These Content Marketing Trends in 2017: Part 2

Part two of Eric Wendt’s article focuses on things that are definitely going to be what the cool kids are doing in 2017 such as live streaming, native advertising, and mobile (and more).

6 Tips that Will Bring Your Content Marketing to Life

You put a lot of time and effort into your work, but it doesn’t take much to cause your content marketing to flat line. Take Debra Jason’s tried-and-true advice on bringing content marketing to life like writing a great headline, delivering on the headline’s promise, using an image to help tell the story, and more.

State of Content Marketing in 2016: The Hits and the Misses

Let’s be honest. Every time we put ourselves out there, we’re swinging for the fences (or at least as hard as we can). Here, Priyanka Desai hits with video stories, Snapchat live, and more while documenting misses, like not writing down your strategy.

Top 10 Brand Social Videos of 2016

What’s the best way to end the year? By looking analyzing the best of the previous year, which is what Brielle Jaekel does in this piece on the top 10 (luxury) brand social videos of 2016. Audi, Marc Jacobs, and Mercedes-Benz were three to make this list.

We’re hours away from 2017. Do you want to tell great stories and have your best year in content marketing ever? If so, contact us, The Storyteller Agency and let us help you with our many services.