There’s a new video platform in town, and it looks like it’s going to turn heads. Instagram is getting into the video game with IGTV, a video platform intended to give brands and influencers another option for connecting with audiences.

Instagram TV (IGTV) Overview

Given that since the advent of YouTube, television viewership has decreased by upwards of 40% (particularly among Gen Y and millennial audiences), Instagram—like other social media brands—thought, “When in Rome…” and created its own video platform—available as a separate app.

What Makes IGTV Different?

Though similar to YouTube in that videos are meant to be created by individual users / brands who create channels on IGTV and aren’t meant to be polished, overproduced Hollywood type content, the main difference is that the content is vertical, which means it’s made for mobile. It is pointedly not Netflix or Facebook Watch.

To break it down even more, Instagram wants IGTV users to film content on their mobile devices. Initial users report that it’s easy to come up with a concept, film a video, edit in iMovie or another paid video editing app, and to upload it to IGTV.

How Does IGTV Work?

At present, videos can run from 10 minutes to one hour; though, it’s expected that—any day now—there will be no limit to how long videos can be.

Also, there are no ads on IGTV right now. At some vague point in the future, it is expected that ads will come into play as this will allow channels to monetize their content. Currently, the plan is to build engagement with content creators and viewers before taking the ad leap.

Speaking of users, from the user POV:

·       Content is filtered by most popular, who you’re following, and recommended content based on your interests.

·       Videos start rolling when users open the app, just as a show or commercial starts playing when a person turns on their TV.

·       To find or to view new content, users can just swipe across the screen.

·       Users can share content that they like through Instagram Direct.

·       Users can like and can comment on video content just as they can on the regular platform or on YouTube.

Why You Should Give IGTV a Try Sooner than Later

For brands not active on YouTube or with YouTube channels struggling for traction on a glutted platform, IGTV presents a unique opportunity. As a new platform, there isn’t as much going on yet, so your brand’s channel has a better chance of getting established than you would say if you jumped into YouTube right this minute. It is definitely worth giving it a try.

What is IGTV: Highlights Review

So, to review:

·       IGTV can be likened to YouTube from a style standpoint

·       Videos are currently 10 minutes to one hour, but there will soon be no limits on length

·       Videos are vertical, and while horizontal videos can be uploaded and viewed by rotating one’s device, the intent is for videos to be shot vertically.

·       IGTV is mobile-friendly—somewhat uniquely so

·       There are no ads on IGTV yet

·       Users can interact with and can share content

·       IGTV starts playing content as soon as the app is opened

If you’re a brand with an Instagram account or that wants to branch out and to reach new audiences, IGTV is easy to use; it’s easy to create a channel on; and it’s easy to create content for…even for the amateur content creator.

Are you ready for your brand’s closeup but aren’t sure how to put your best face forward on IGTV? Not a problem. Click here to contact us, The Storyteller Agency. We have experience creating videos and can help you find your footing using this awesome new platform.