Does your business have a blog? If your answer is no, then my next question would be, why not? Blogging can benefit your business in many ways, but increasing traffic to your website and improving your SEO are two really big ones. If your answer was yes, then you are already in on the benefits of blogging, but maybe you need some fresh ideas for your blog. That’s what we are going to talk about today, because it is important to keep the information in your blog fresh for your readers. Have you thought of these topics for your business blog?

1.       Behind the Scenes of Your Business

Everybody loves a good trip backstage! Think of this topic as giving your readers a VIP Backstage Pass to your business. Show the human side of your business by sharing funny office happenings or a good look at what a typical work day in your office is like. This is a great storytelling opportunity for your business!

2.       Write a Series

Is there a topic that you are really passionate about, but you can’t fit everything you want to say in one blog? Create a series for your blog and break it down – even better, end each part of the series with a great cliffhanger and leave your readers wanting more. Give them even more of a reason to check back in for your next post!

3.       Customer/Client Success Story

Fill your readers in on how your business has helped one of your clients or customers. Let their success inspire potential new customers or clients to seek your help as well. Everyone loves a good success story, right?

4.       Review a Book  

Depending on what type of information you put out in your blog, this could be a review on a book related to your business, or maybe even a review of a personal favorite. You don’t always have to pump your readers full of business related material – sometimes it’s nice to include some light reading that may not be business related, but that your readers will still appreciate and even benefit from.

5.       Discuss Future Business Plans  

Are you planning to expand your business? Are you heading up a fun local event in the coming months? Tell your readers about it! This is also a topic that could inspire future blog posts – if you have a big project in the works, you can use your blog to update your readers on your progress, leaving room for a GRAND FINALE post when it’s completed!

6.       Share Charity Work  

If you are involved in any local or nationwide charities, share your passion with your readers. Share your volunteer experiences and brag on all of the great work that these charities are doing. Your readers will appreciate seeing your softer side, and you may even inspire someone else to join you in your volunteer work.

7.       FAQ Post

Are there certain questions that are frequently asked by your clients or customers? Or just common questions related to your business? Save your clients some time by posting a blog filled with frequently asked questions and their answers. This information can be very informative for anyone visiting your website.

8.       Show Your Sense of Humor

This is another example of giving your readers a glimpse into the human side of your business. Your blog, in a way, serves as the voice of your business, and as it goes with telling any good story, you need more than one voice. Give your readers your funny voice – share a funny office prank or maybe even a montage of cat videos. Let’s be honest – we all love funny cat videos.

9.       What Makes Your Business Stand Out?

Do you have a vision for your business that makes you stand out among your competitors? Talk about it – don’t be shy. Tell your readers what makes your vision different from the rest.

10.   Create a Contest

Promote engagement from your readers by creating a contest and encouraging their participation. Photo contests are always fun and people tend to enjoy participating. Explain the contest in your blog and offer a reward – the better the reward, the more likely your readers are to participate! 

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