Does the election have you completely worn out and ready for the weekend? Us too. We’ve compiled the latest content marketing and storytelling news for you on this week’s Friday Fix so you can be up to date without having to do any work. I mean, that's what Friday is for, right?

Visual Storytelling: Don’t Just Talk to Me—Show Me the Goods

The National Law Review says visual storytelling is here to stay and everyone needs to get on board. Visual storytelling is so important because 90% of the information sent to our brain is visual. Check out a few tools any business can use to easily and efficiently incorporate visual storytelling into their communication strategy.

The Five-Step Checklist for Stronger Content Marketing

Although content marketing is always changing, Exchange Wire shares five simple steps that can always enhance a brand’s current strategy. Assembling the right team, repurposing content, asking key questions, setting goals and maximizing the relationship between content and data can help brands create a stronger content marketing plan.

How to Incorporate Video into Your Communications Strategy

AdWeek reported that more than 60% of companies plan to increase investments in video within the next year. Forbes says not so fast. Forbes shares that a strategic approach including identifying goals, creating with intention, successfully distributing and analyzing is key to receiving the biggest return on investment with video marketing.

Our Best Digital Storytelling of the 2016 Election

As the 2016 election comes to an end, the New York Time shares how digital storytelling was critical in their reporting of the campaign. Take a look at some of the most innovative storytelling including a virtual reality film and personal accounts from American voters.

Why You Might Not Have Enough Time for Content Marketing

In recent studies, brands reported that not having enough time was the number one reason they are not finding success in content marketing. Business2Community says that companies can combat this by making content marketing a priority throughout the entire organization, establishing foundational content marketing tools and creating content as efficiently as possible.

3 Digital Publishing Tools to Give Your Storytelling a Boost

Every brand is trying to get a message across to their audience, but what can they do to stand out? The International Journalists’ Network says platforms such as Exposure, Atavist and Shorthand give companies the upper hand when communicating to their customers. These platforms increase visibility, keep viewers engaged longer and enhance visual appeal.

Ten Great Examples of Video Content Marketing

Coming up with a creative and unique approach to video marketing can be a challenge for companies. Forbes shared examples of superb video marketing including the NFL’s Ultimate Tailgate series and Blue Bottle Coffee’s educational videos. Check out all of the examples to find video marketing inspiration.

Authentic Storytelling: 5 Rules for the New Frontier of Marketing

We have consistently shared the importance of storytelling, but what’s most important is ensuring that the story is authentic. Customers can tell when a story is dishonest, so brands need to take precautions to create a sincere connection. Marketing Land says uncovering insight, creating a big idea, finding a brand’s voice, selecting spokes-vehicles and reiterating are the essential steps in creating an authentic story.

5 Content Marketing Ideas for December 2016

With the holidays approaching, here are some great ideas to incorporate into businesses’ content marketing plans this December. Practical Commerce suggests sharing a holiday how-to, New Year’s resolutions and more.

Online Correspondence Etiquette 2016

Digital communication has become essential for companies to communicate with their customers, but if it is not done well it can damage a brand’s reputation. We’ve compiled tips for brands to properly communicate to their audiences through email marketing, social media marketing and one-on-one conversations through email and social media.

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