With Christmas in just a few days, it’s still not too late to create some awesome Holiday-themed content for a strong Year-End finish. If you have a blog, or produce content on a regular basis, you’ve probably spent a few hour brainstorming new ideas that puts a snowy-spin on each of your topics.

Don’t get the Christmas Blues - ‘Tis the season of giving, and The Storyteller Agency is here to deliver some last minute holiday content marketing ideas:

Create a Holiday Contest

Holiday contest are a great way to get prospective customers or clients to engage with your brand in a fun spirited way. And the best part is, your brand receives more traffic and leads while followers create and promote the content for you. More than 63% of Facebook users say they are likely to share a link to a holiday contest or giveaway. This type of content allows you and your followers to get creative with ideas.

Consider telling fans or followers to take a picture of their silliest candid holiday photo and share it on Facebook or Twitter.  Establish a new #hashtag so they can tag the picture and you can track the metrics later. You can let fans vote for their favorite, or your company can vote internally – the winner of the contest gets a prize!

Industry Predictions for the New Year

Industry predictions are an excellent way to separate your brand from the competition by offering top-level knowledge to predict trends or tools that will benefit others related to your industry. This type of content promotes thought-leadership and delivers an authoritative starting point for those in your field.  

For a more collaborative approach, consider collecting the top names in your industry or work colleagues to put together their predictions for the upcoming year. Camille Padilla Dalmau published an excellent example of a collaborative industry prediction for Contenty.  By using multiple voices from industry experts (who each have their own audience), the content is more valuable to readers and benefits each contributor.  

List New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year represents a new start for everyone. It acts as a clean slate to better ourselves and improve each year. People love creating and finding new resolutions, which make them an awesome content idea for any industry. 

Consider publishing one or more New Year’s resolution lists for an audience related to your business.  A great example of this is HGTV’s Melinda Fulmer who published “5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home”.  This not only appeals to a broad audience, but offers useful tips and resolutions for people bringing in the New Year.  

Publish a Holiday-themed Video 

We’ve mentioned the importance of video marketing for your company, now it’s time to get creative and produce a Christmas-themed video sending thanks and holiday wishes to clients, customers and friends. Holiday videos are frequently shared and liked throughout the season, many companies utilize this time to create content that is unique and personalizes their brand. K-Mart has received massive engagement due to their now popular holiday commercials.

Your holiday video can be a short and simple thank you to customers, or a more elaborate industry-related holiday video that shows your humorous side, such as Vertical Measures’ “SEO Elf on the Shelf” from last year.Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or Festivous, create content that is fun and in the spirit of the holidays. Nobody likes a Scrooge! - Just ask Jim Carrey.

Remember, track each effort to gauge the success of your holiday content! Be sure to track the impact on your website traffic, generated leads, and amount of engagement each piece creates so that you can improve your strategy for next year. 

Brad Kuenn is a Content Writer, Editor and Strategist living in Nashville, Tennessee, and he provides research, content topics, writing, editing, and content development expertise to clients. He has a passion for writing as well as art, which shines through in his work. His creativity and attention to detail makes him a valuable asset for a wide range of clients. During his time off he enjoys spending time with his wife, family, and his two dogs Brutus and Kane. 
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