The better your marketing efforts, the better your exposure – and if there is one thing that will benefit your nonprofit organization, it’s quality exposure. Marketing can be tricky for a nonprofit, especially for smaller organizations with an even smaller budget. But there is an answer and to put it simply, it’s smart marketing. Marketing your nonprofit organization is not something that should be entered into blindly without a well-thought-out strategy. So, what does smart marketing for your nonprofit organization look like? Well, you’re in luck because we have some nonprofit marketing tips just for you!

1.       Build a solid, user-friendly website

Your website is your online office, your virtual spot for donations and most likely the first impression that many potential donors and volunteers will have of your organization.

·         Make sure that your website is easily navigated for potential donors

·         Keep your website design clean and free of clutter

·         If it isn’t already, update your website to make it mobile-friendly

2.       Develop an annual marketing budget (and stick to it)

An annual budget is a big part of the ‘well-thought-out marketing strategy’ for your nonprofit organization. Every dollar counts for any nonprofit organization. Am I right? So, be sure that your money is being well-spent by creating a budget and making sure that the entire marketing team is on board.

3.       Consider utilizing volunteers for some of your marketing efforts

Get to know the volunteers that are interested in working with your nonprofit organization. They may have some hidden creative talents that could be an asset to your marketing strategy, such as a background in writing or photography.

4.       Tell great stories

Storytelling is a powerful tool for nonprofit organizations. The stories behind the cause that your organization supports are meant to be told and your audience wants to hear them. Those stories are what will establish an emotional connection between your nonprofit organization and potential donors and supporters.

5.       Make visual storytelling a priority

Speaking of telling great stories – how you tell those stories is equally as important as the stories being told. An image or a video can tell a powerful story without any words at all, so if you haven’t made visual storytelling a priority in your marketing strategy, now is the time to start.

6.       Invite your audience behind-the-scenes

One of the best ways to connect with your audience is to invite them behind-the-scenes and show them the faces behind your nonprofit organization. Human connection is vital to the success of your marketing strategy.  

·         Share photos of team meetings

·         Share insight into the preparation for fundraising events

·         Spotlight a star volunteer each month

7.       Blog about your cause

Speaking of inviting your audience behind-the-scenes, blogging is a great way to give them a backstage pass. All of the ideas mentioned for inviting your audience behind-the-scenes can be done through a blog. What’s even better? Blogging can also serve to improve your SEO, which helps to gain exposure for your nonprofit organization.

8.       Networking, networking, networking

Business networking is vital to optimizing the success of your nonprofit organization. The more connections that you make in your community, the more doors of opportunity will open. Attend community events, get involved with local business organizations and take every opportunity that you can to get out and meet other professionals in your area.

9.       Consider cause marketing

One great thing that business networking can set you up for is the chance to partner up with other businesses in your area to work together for a good cause – your cause to be exact. Cause marketing is a great way for both businesses to gain exposure, whether by partnering to plan a fundraising event or working together on a community project.

10.   Spread the light of positivity and it will come back to you

When you harbor a positive energy that shines through in the work that you do, the professional relationships that you create and the passion that you have for the cause that your organization supports, that positive energy will come back to you. It will come back in the form of loyal team members, passionate supporters in your community and a positive work environment that will be conducive to success for your nonprofit organization.

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