What better way to kick off the weekend before Independence Day than by freeing your mind with the Friday Fix? Today’s content marketing rundown is a good one with lots of insight on digital marketing, social media marketing, and genius storytelling tips. TGIF, and Happy (early) 4th of July, everybody! (waves flag)

How Detailed Storytelling Captures and Rewards an Audience’s Attention

Specific details are what give characters, settings, and overall stories dimension and tension. Meagan Maguire explains why details are what keep your story from falling flat.

Find Your Organization’s Purpose: How to Use Brand Voice to Achieve Desired Outcomes

Experience is a driving factor in the customer’s journey. Billee Howard explains that when brands have a clear sense of purpose, they can creatively leverage that for a unique and creative theme for engagement.

Storytelling in the Digital Age: How It’s Done

Technology is a great vehicle for storytelling. Kevin Hasier recognizes this as much as the next guy, but Kevin also asserts that the medium for the story won’t take precedence over story quality. In other words, a beautiful video or live feed is only as good as its story.

5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy is Failing You

No digital marketing strategy is fool proof, which is why Matei Gavril reveals five reasons your digital strategy might not be making waves. Failure to be detailed, track data, or get outside help when it’s needed are a few causes of digital marketing failure.

Former Microsoft CMO on the Biggest Challenges Facing CMOs and Marketers Today

Feeling challenged in today’s marketing climate? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Steve Olenski’s piece on the biggest challenges facing CMOs and marketers reveals the “customer experience is the new brand” and that the customer experience gap is any marketer’s biggest challenge.

Don’t Guess, Grade Your Own Social Media Performance with Analytics

In case you missed the importance of tracking data in Matei’s article, Scott Kleinberg echoes the necessity with a focus on social media performance analysis. Scott’s article explains how to access your analytics on every platform, which means you have no excuse.

How Storytelling Can Help You to Promote Your App

Whether or not you have an app, Şeyhmus Ölker’s storytelling advice is universal. It’s easy to apply the tenets of good storytelling (like knowing your audience and being emotive to name two) to all aspects of your brand including app promotion.

Inspiration to Make Your Storytelling Hum

Content marketers who need story ideas, take notes. Emily Hopkins article is rich with creative places for your to look to get simple yet powerful ideas for telling resonating stories. From song lyrics to fiction to film and more, the stuff of inspiration is out there ripe for the picking.

Time Inc.: 90% of Consumers Like Custom Content for Brand Engagement

Dave Kirpatrick’s insight that consumers dig customized content (we are living in a customized world, and consumers and customized girls (and boys)). What may be a surprise is just how many consumers prefer unique content to anything else.

This Award-Winning CEO is Building a Cultural Marketing Agency for the Future

Julian Mitchell checks in with AGW Group Co-Founder and CEO, Adam Gorode to gain insight on his company’s vision. At the heart of the group’s ever-evolving ideology is that content is about building communities and designing culture, more so than marketing.

5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Instagram

Crank your Instagram impact into the wow-factor zone by applying these five easy-to-implement tips. You’ll be surprised what a little color, consistency, and planning can do for your brand on Instagram.

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