When done properly, e-mail marketing is great for lead generation, but only if done properly. While content, promos, and the like fade from memory, stories are memorable and create emotional connections between your audience and your brand. There are many ways you can incorporate storytelling into your email marketing.

Reveal Yourself Through Email

There are two types of stories that are great for building an initial connection with your audience. These are origin stories and vision stories. 

·         Origin stories: These stories share how your company came to be.  Use your skills as a storyteller to create tension. Reveal the problem or deficit that you saw in the marketplace that caused your business to rise to the occasion. Find a way to make your customer play a role in your story for maximum effect.

·         Vision stories: These stories reveal your goals and hopes for the future. Show the problems that you see on the horizon and how you hope to address them with the help of your customers. Vision stories are also great for sharing some of your charitable activities.

Bring in the Audience with Their Stories

Audience stories are sometimes called case studies, but whatever you call them, they’re great to include in email marketing. Stories that show how real people use your brand or product not only have the benefit of humanizing your brand, but they also help to show the audience as the protagonist or hero of your brand’s story. This is like an upgraded version of testimonials.

Use Storytelling to Give Meaning to Promotions

If you use promos to help boost sales, use a story to help attach a reason why you’re having the sale beyond, “I want you to invest in my product / service.” There’s a big difference between a 20% off sale and a 20% off sale because it’s your company’s birthday on the 20th of that month. The related story allows you to revisit your origin tale, show how far your company has come, and express thanks to the customers (hence, the reason for the promotion).

Incorporate Visual Media into the Story

Remember that much of content marketing involves thinking outside of the box. Don’t forget the power of embedded video, use of images, memes, and other visual media into your story.

You can also let your story lead audiences to your brand’s other platforms and apps, which enables them to be more fully immersed with your brand. Email marketing can be a powerful tool for lead generation when you incorporate storytelling into your strategy.

Want to get the most out of your email marketing strategy? If so, contact The Storyteller Agency and let us show you how to tell great stories and to build a relationship with your audience.