What’s the secret to social media success? Well, you could ask ten different people that same question and very likely get ten different answers. Everyone seems to have their own little tweaks and tricks for staying connected with their audience, and the strategies will often vary across each social media platform.  However, we like to believe that there are some general rules (and tips) that can be followed and applied across all of the social channels in order to achieve optimal success.

1.       Be consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to a successful social media following. Your audience should be your top priority when mapping out your social media marketing strategy and one of the most appealing things to your audience is a consistent presence.

2.       Choose your platforms wisely

When it comes to choosing which social media platforms are best for your business, we think that it’s best to consider quality over quantity. Work with your marketing team and determine which platforms are the best fit for your business and don’t try to spread yourself too thin across too many social channels.



3.       Vary the times of day that you post content

Not everyone is active on social media at the same time each day, naturally. Make sure that you are posting at a variety of different times to make sure that you are maximizing your audience reach. If you are only posting in the early morning each day, you could be missing out on a large portion of your target audience.

4.       Utilize an editorial calendar

If you haven’t partnered up with a local marketing agency and discovered the convenience of a social media editorial calendar, well, now is the time, folks. Mapping out an entire month’s worth of social posts for each platform is a great way to plan strategically and keep the entire marketing team on the same page.

5.       Find your brand’s voice

Speaking of keeping the entire marketing team on the same page – finding the voice of your brand is a big part of social media success. All of your social media channels should have a consistent voice that is unique to your brand and becomes recognizable to your audience. An editorial calendar is perfect for having all of your content in one place to make sure that there is a consistent voice.

6.       Images are crucial to the success of a post

There is an overwhelming amount of content flooding through everyone’s social media newsfeeds each day and if your content doesn’t stand out, there is no hope for success. You should always include an eye catching image with each post that will serve to grab the attention of your audience immediately. Any image is better than no image. (Well, maybe not ANY image)

7.       Incorporate daily themes into your social media strategy

If you stick with daily themes for your social media content, you give your audience a reason to come back to your page to find specific content. Your audience will appreciate that they can rely on your business to provide them with content that they find useful. And like we said before, it’s all about your audience. Every move that your business makes on social media should be made with your audience in mind.

8.       Respond and interact with your audience in a timely manner

If someone takes the time to interact with a post on your page, or even more important, sends you a private message, you should always make it a priority to respond in a timely manner. This shows that you value your audience’s time and appreciate their thoughts and opinions. Trust us, your audience notices when interaction from them goes unnoticed.

9.       Show the human side of your business/brand

Your audience cares about the faces behind your business and they love to feel like they are getting a backstage pass to what goes on behind the scenes. This allows your followers to connect on an emotional level with your business and the people behind it, which will ultimately generate more leads for your business.



10.   Don't forget to #tellgreatstories

You had to know that we were going to say this, right? Storytelling has become a form of marketing that your audience now expects from you. They don’t want to simply hear about your products and/or services – they want you to tell them a story that is memorable and unique to your brand. So, what are you waiting for? Stop marketing. Start storytelling.

For more information about The Storyteller Agency, or to share your vision and story with us, contact us here. And then go out and tell a good story.