It’s Friday and time to get your buzz Fix for what’s on the radar in the wonderful world of content marketing.  This week, new technologies like wearables and how they’re impacting communications are getting a lot of folks all hot and bothered.  Also, check out how you can unleash hidden content marketing superpowers with a little bit of teamwork. 

How to Capture Leads from Content Marketing
You’ve got prime real estate on the information super highway, but none of the traffic pulling over at your blog is buying into your into business.  Why not?  See why as Brad Kuenn provides strategies for turning browsers into loyal customers. 

5 Reasons Why You Need a Separate Content Marketing Strategy for Each Social Channel
John Brhel shares the shudder-worthy statistic that only 22% of folks polled use a separate content marketing strategy for each social media channel.  That means 78% are hosting an ice-cream party and offering vanilla, vanilla, vanilla…. People are going to stop showing up if they know that whether they check you on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, they’re getting the same thing.  Cater the flavor to the audience and social media channel; you’ll find your ice-cream socials are much more popular.

Do You Really Want to Do Content Fake Marketing?
Using examples like Coke and Red Bull (Red Bull is, by the way, under fire as of late because of falsely promising to “give you wings”), Gerry McGovern explains what content “fake” marketing is –all flash and no character, an emotionally manipulative psychological decoy used to create brand loyalty for which customers get zero in return.  McGovern speculates (and we agree) consumers are going to catch on and that “fake” marketing will do more harm than good in the long run.  #noscrubsmarketing, am I right?



People, Devices and the Future of Content Marketing
Twenty years ago, Zack Morris was the only guy I knew of with a cell phone (remember that brick?), texting wasn’t even a word, and the Internet wasn’t really a thing unless you were super techy.  Now, everyone and their brother have a smartphone, and Pam Didner points out more’s coming down the pike.  Check out this piece on how technology’s latest and greatest impacts your content marketing approach.

Marketing and Sales Must Work Together to Engage their Tech-Savvy Customers
Remember how it was only when their powers combined that that group of diverse kids in Captain Planet could summon the eponymous Crest-colored superhero who would get the job done?  Take it from Sharmin Kent that your content marketing strategy isn’t that different because alone, you’re only so effective, but when your powers combine with the sales team, you can take on your greatest challenge yet: your ever-evolving tech-savvy customer base. (Cue theme song)

A Powerful Cocktail: Mixing Retargeting with Content Marketing
Speaking of teamwork that gets you there, Luke Summerfield brings to light strategies for combining content marketing and retargeting –rather than keeping them separated.  Like all great duos (champagne and orange juice, chicken & waffles, biscuits & gravy, coffee & more coffee…) content marketing and retargeting bring out the best in each other, and you get to reap the benefits.

What does your in-house marketing team look like?

What does your in-house marketing team look like?

Can You Afford an In-House Inbound Marketing Team
We touched on this a little bit last week, but this breakdown by Trent Dyrsmid is just too good (and by good, I mean detailed) to ignore.  Trent goes deep discussing the who, what, and how much of building your own team plus the pros, cons, and costs of alternate options like outsourcing or hiring freelancers.

Why B2B Content Marketing Adoption is Waning
You’re doing it all by the book.  You’re taking every bit of advice you can get, even the advice that contradicts the other advice, but gosh-diddly-darn, your content marketing strategy refuses to launch.  If this doesn’t describe you today, it could be you tomorrow; see what Chad Pollitt thinks on why B2B content marketing adoption is waning to get some perspective on what you can do about it.

Content Marketing: 3 Basic Pieces of Content Every Small Business Should Provide
This week, we think Sally Lee’s ideas for small businesses’ content marketing strategies are not only spot on but also totally doable for businesses of all sizes.  Using case studies, eBooks, and blogs, you can distinguish yourself as an authority figure with your audience, which fosters trust, meaningful leads, and customer loyalty.

11 Things Marketers Should Know from the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit
Just in case you couldn’t be at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit, Selena Ehrlich has you covered with a curated list of the top 11 marketing predictions for 2015 including a look at the rise of the chief social media officer (CSMO), real-time versus right-time marketing, online newsrooms, and how smart devices and wearables (sound familiar?) are changing the landscape.

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