We hope you had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. Whether you’re at home recovering from yesterday’s food coma or shopping until you drop today, check out this week’s unique Friday Fix. It is Black Friday, right? So here is our Black Friday Fix filled with the top Black Friday commercials, deals, advertisements, marketing strategies and more.

Five Predictions Counting Down to Black Friday

Early this week Forbes uncovered trends that they think will affect this year’s critical time for retailers. It’s no surprise that they are saying digital shopping will be bigger than ever before. Crowds may be smaller because shoppers are buying from home through company’s websites and social media. In addition to the digital growth, Forbes also said consumers will breathe a sigh of relief, retailers will enhance the in-store experience and some consumers will opt-out.

Black Friday Ads: Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Academy, Kmart, Big Lots & More Stores 2016

KJRH, an NBC affiliate, has brought us the ultimate roundup of advertisements for the big names of Black Friday. Along with store times and details, check out what each is doing to advertise their products this year. Do any of these ads stand out to you? Let us know in the comments.

Black Friday Isn’t Dead. It’s Just Irrelevant.

Recode uncovers the buying behaviors of Millennials on Black Friday, and this generation is not falling for the “sales.” Within recent years, stores have promoted discounts that aren’t really bargains compared to the products’ actual value, and millennials recognize this misrepresentation. Discover what motivates millennials’ buying decisions and how stores can make Black Friday relevant to this generation. 

Home Depot Wants to Grab a Bigger Chunk of Black Friday Shoppers’ Spending

When we think of Black Friday, Home Depot definitely isn’t one of the first stores to come to mind, but they are fighting to change that. CNBC says this year Home Depot is geared up with holiday items shoppers are searching for, including tree skirts, lights, stockings and more. If you haven’t already, you may want to add Home Depot to your shopping list today.

Walmart Reveals Their Own Black Friday Ad; Offers Huge Discount on Games and Accessories

Year after year, Walmart is considered one of the top places to visit on Black Friday. This year, iTech Post is showcasing their effort to attract customers looking for video games through one of their Black Friday ads. Check out Walmart’s commercial attempting to win these customers over their competition.

Best Apps to Get Black Friday Deals

Instead of fighting the crowd or scrolling through countless pages on a company’s website, USA TODAY says shoppers should download helpful apps to find exactly what they are looking for at their favorite stores. The necessary apps to find the best prices possible include Flipp, Ebates, SudoPay/Sudo App and eBay.

Infographic: 4 Predictions from Google About Black Friday Shopping This Year

Google is using its algorithm to uncover shopping trends for Black Friday. One surprising trend is that foot traffic is heavier in the afternoon than the expected early morning rush. AdWeek reported additional top takeaways from Google’s findings, including New Englanders are the earliest and biggest deal seekers, women purchase much earlier than men and more.

Amy Schumer Laces Up the Boxing Gloves in Old Navy’s New Black Friday Ad

Do you love Black Friday commercials almost as much as Superbowl ads? You have to check out this advertisement with popular actress Amy Schumer. She stars in Old Navy’s 2016 Black Friday commercial promoting Old Navy’s huge discounts and $100,000 giveaways, while playing a celebrity boxer. You don’t want to miss this one. 

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