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How to Effectively Use Storytelling to Attract a Larger Brand Following

Authenticity in your brand storytelling is essential for attracting your audience, but what else do you need? Susan Gilbert breaks down three must-dos (improving content, sending invitations to connect, and making a sales page) for transparency and relationship-building.

3 Ways to Master Social Media Content Marketing

It’s not enough to have a story or even tell your story; you also have to be able to leverage your storytelling skills to get attention and to attract your audience. Carol Barash explains how it’s done.

5 Ways to Tell Your Brand Story on Social Media

Hopefully you understand the power of brand storytelling through social media, and you’ve got a few ideas. Demitra Fields takes it to the next level with five strategies (like how to best use images) that will help you stand out.

Mary Mazzio Takes a Stand: A Conversation about Advocacy, Authenticity, and Brand Storytelling

We’ve mentioned advocacy in past fixes, but here, in an interview with Olympian, lawyer, and filmmaker Mary Mazzio, Rachel Haberman paints a portrait of what a brand’s story can really do to influence change.

The Future of Media is Here and I Was There

Sean Cooper’s story takes place in Boston at the third annual Content Marketing Conference where the tagline is “Rid the World of Bad Content” and the keynote speech, “End Toxic Content” is delivered by the no-nonsense author, Josh Bernoff.

Why Content Marketing is Going Hollywood

With customers demanding more entertaining and authentic content, it makes sense that brand storytelling is “going Hollywood.” David Kirpatrick explains what that means while pointing out that brand storytelling is now a necessity, not just a trend.

Why Location Marketers Need to Embrace Whimsical, Visual Storytelling

If you were hoping that visual storytelling was going to go by the wayside, prepare to be disappointed. In fact, Adam Dorfman has the details on Facebook and Google’s latest steps to incorporate visual searches, making visual marketing prowess a necessity for businesses to remain competitive.

Why Marketers Need to Study the Art and Tech of Conflict Resolution

Giovanni Rodriguez reinvents the “Three C’s” making them: communication, community, and conciliation because conflict resolution, previously not a precept for marketers, is more important now than ever.

Voice Assistants: 5 Opportunities for Brands in this New PR and Marketing Frontier

If you’re not sure what voice assistants are (think Alexa), worry not; Mike Lizun gives you a run-down plus a few ideas for how to use them in your upcoming marketing strategy.

Content Marketing—Journey to the Hearts of Customers

To connect with customers, you have to move them emotionally. Toni Ambler provides insight on approaches for creating interesting stories that will help you reach your customer’s hearts.

4 Common Mistakes Your Business Might be Making on Social Media

Social media is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing, but it’s easy to commit any of these common faux pas, and you might be making one of these four common mistakes. Thankfully, there’s a quick-fix for all of them.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to have a great brand story, but telling it authentically, transparently, and in a professional medium merit contacting the pros. If you’re looking to take your content marketing to the next level, contact us, The Storyteller Agency, and learn more about what we can do for your brand.