What do emotions have to do with the success of your brand? Well, everything. If your brand has yet to get in touch with its emotional side, the success of your business is falling way short of its potential. Emotional storytelling is the secret to your brand’s success, except it’s not much of a secret anymore. In the world of marketing and advertising, emotional storytelling is everywhere you look and it comes in all forms of content – our favorite form being video. So, why is emotional storytelling such a key ingredient to success? We’re so glad that you asked.

It’s All About the Connection

Once the power of storytelling hit the scene, marketing became less about promoting a product or service and more about connecting with an audience and creating an emotional experience that is unforgettable. When you create content that is powerful enough to cause an emotional reaction, your audience will begin to associate those positive emotions with your brand, which ultimately will generate more leads. It goes beyond your audience wanting to make an emotional connection with your brand – they expect it. And if your content isn’t up to par, they will quickly move on.

You Can Extend Your Reach with Each Emotion

There is a whole wheelhouse of emotions that your brand can tap into with emotional storytelling and within each different emotion lies an opportunity to improve your audience reach. Some people will connect more with content that makes them laugh, while others are deeply moved by a heartwarming story. And sometimes the best content is the kind that can make your audience laugh and cry at the same time. The point is, emotional storytelling can come in so many different forms and each form has the potential to reach an entirely new audience.

·         Short bursts of video content are a great way to tell a story and reach your audience – think “How To” videos or short introductions of the people behind your business.

·         Blog content is another great way to incorporate emotional storytelling into your marketing strategy – have you and your team volunteered with a local charity or non-profit organization lately? This would be a great story to share with your audience via blog.

·         Behind the scenes office content, whether photos or video, is another great way to tell a story and establish a connection with your audience.

Plain Old Marketing is Boring

You’ve heard us say it time and time again – stop marketing, start storytelling. If all you are doing is pushing your product or service into the faces of your audience, chances are they aren’t paying attention and you probably hate your job. Emotional storytelling breathes life into your brand – when you start to tell stories and create content that means something to you, your audience will sense that and appreciate it as well as respond to it.

Storytelling will renew your own connection to your business

Speaking of hating your job – that’s not any fun, am I right? Day in and day out of plain old marketing – pushing a product or service – is enough to make anyone hate their job. And when are aren’t passionate about what are you doing, your audience can sense that. Storytelling has a way of reminding you of the passion that you once had that caused you to start your business in the first place. When you stop focusing so much on the actual product or service and start focusing on the stories that live within your brand, you will witness that passion come back to life.

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