There are many charitable organizations in the South Walton community that do incredible work. One organization with a tried-and-true track record of using funds and resources to make a proven impact in the community is Food For Thought, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Not only does Food for Thought Outreach ensures tens of thousands of Walton Country children eat every year, but they have also extended their giving to supporting Hurricane Michael Relief support. It is therefore because of that and for these reasons that we say you should support Food For Thought with your year-end giving.

#1 FFT Gives Back Year-Round

Food For Thought believes that a child’s development and education are critical, and to support they, they strive to ensure children are able to eat. They aim to bridge the gap between school meals on weekends and during the holidays. The organization services 31 schools in Walton County and distributes backpacks of food to 3,300 students every week.

The more support the organization has, the more students who are dependent on free or reduced school meals they can help.

#2 FFT Feeds Hungry Families During the Holidays

Food For Thought helps feed hungry families during the holidays with its Sponsor a Family for $30 program. The organization reports that children from “food insecure” families will miss over 30 meals during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Through this outreach, FFT will deliver over 20,000 meals to children in the program.

#3 FFT Puts Its Best Foot Forward

Food For Thought perpetually looks for ways to help others. In a recent partnership with local brand UBIX, FFT created a #YouCanHelp sandal where 50% of each pair purchased is donated to support Food for Thought.

#4 FFT Helps Where Help is Needed (Hurricane Michael Relief)

Despite already having full plates, FFT recognized there was a need among Hurricane Michael relief responders. FFT’s Full Circle Kitchen is still recruiting volunteers to help cook, do prep, dishwash, assemble meals, and more to ensure those rebuilding adjacent communities have nourishment and support as they work tirelessly to rebuild.

#5 FFT is Active in the Community & Hosts Several Annual Events to Increase Support

Food For Thought is a solid presence in the Santa Rosa Beach community. FFT participates in multiple events with other important organizations such as the Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation and others to raise awareness about hungry children in the area as well as to raise support for those young people.

#6 FFT Makes it Easy to Make Donations Via Their Website

To make a monetary donation, you can make a one-time monetary donation, or you can set up a recurring monthly donation. If you are a corporation or a business, you can also become one of Food For Thought’s important corporate sponsors. Click here to learn more.

To donate food, visit the Food For Thought website’s food donations page to learn what food products are needed. Donations can be dropped off on Tuesdays at the Santa Rosa Beach Pantry (132 Market Street) between 9:30 & 4:30 or on Wednesdays at the Destin Pantry (908 Airport Road) between 9:30 and 4:30.

#7 FFT is Completely Transparent in How It Uses Donations

One of the biggest concerns people have when they support an organization is whether or not the money donated is going to truly help the cause the organization supports. FFT is completely transparent publishing annual reports on the website for all to review.

Food For Thought has been striving to fight child hunger in Walton and Okaloosa Counties since 2010.. Join us, The Storyteller Agency, in helping Food For Thought Outreach, Inc. of Santa Rosa County, Florida make an even greater positive impact in the stories of the children they feed and care for every day by supporting them with your year-end donation.