While Beachy Beach 30A real estate agent Cameron Strayhan looks like the girl next door, she’s anything but, which is one of our favorite things about her. Born and bred in New Orleans, former attorney Cameron moved to the coast in 2006 and made a name for herself on the real estate market. She works primarily with 30A real estate, and her listings range from $300K to $3M on a regular basis.  

What Makes Cameron Stand Out


In addition to Cameron breaking all of the outdated blond girl stereotypes, she’s also more than the average realtor. Cameron not only holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology and Chemistry from Louisiana State University, but after finishing her B.S., Cameron went on the Loyola University College of Law to obtain her Juris Doctor (JD). Cameron spent years practicing law with special emphasis on closing real estate transactions. Cameron says that her years as an attorney "segued into a real passion for real estate."

Cameron's training, expertise, and genuine enthusiasm for real estate makes her unique; she’s got skills one wouldn’t expect from such a youthful-looking real estate agent. On her website, Cameron states, “Being a lawyer gives me a bit of an advantage in understanding and explaining to customers the potential traps and pitfalls in any home sales transaction, and in homeownership in communities with associations governed by extensive rules and regulations.”

Anyone familiar with the beautiful communities of 30A knows that the unique aesthetic and culture of each is governed by specific guidelines and would agree that for an outsider or a local looking to make a move, it’s to their benefit to truly understand said guidelines before investing in local real estate.

Cameron’s a Local at Heart

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In addition to her legal-eagle eye and its application toward real estate, another thing that makes Cameron stand out is that while she was raised in New Orleans, she spent her summers along the emerald coast. She’s watched the culture and the landscape of the Santa Rosa Beach area change and grow over the years. In fact, her affection for the coast was so great that she made Santa Rosa Beach her permanent home over a decade ago.

Today, the mother of two daughters is well grounded along 30A and enjoys facets of the local tapestry including area restaurants like Basmati’s Asian Cuisine and Café Thirty-A to name two. Of course, the thing she enjoys most is guiding customers through the often nebulous world of real estate procurement. 

Passion for Helping People Motivates Cameron

On her Beachy Beach Real Estate profile, Cameron says the main thing she encourages is to stay positive. “There is a silver lining in every cloud,” Cameron says.

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In fact, it’s this genuine care for people along with her strong work ethic and professionalism that have enabled Cameron to be a stand-out real estate agent. “I absolutely love what I do,” Cameron states, “and nothing in my professional career has been more rewarding than helping people find their perfect dream home and the honor of sharing in their excitement.”

Cameron’s dedication and genuine passion for real estate and for helping others find the perfect home for their needs are what make her such a wonderful person to work with. Her intellectual capabilities and her ability to decipher legalese on real estate documents, to interpret state laws, and to guide the client through the legal complexities of real estate procurement are icing on the cake. Cameron Strayhan is one of the area’s most talented and dynamic realtors and is one anyone should want to work with. 

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It is for all of these reasons that The Storyteller Agency loves having Cameron as a client. She’s a genuine person with a big heart and a great mind. Visit CameronStrayhan.com to learn more about her or call 850.687.0766 to start your next home purchase or sale. Be sure to Follow Cameron on Facebook to stay updated on her local listings and all things 30A. And if you're looking for some new exposure for your brand, or for new, creative ways to shake up your marketing strategy, contact us. We'd love to help.