It’s the first Friday of March, and while we’re not ready to spring ahead an hour, we are ready to spring into this week’s Friday Fix, which is our weekly review of who’s saying and doing what in content marketing. Boing!

Content Marketing and the Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is a critical component of your content marketing strategy. Dan Purvis explores how all of the pieces that make up the word content marketing must come together to form a complete picture; he calls this your content marketing jigsaw.

Your Content Strategy Needs a Villain

Take it from Krystal Overmyer that content strategies, like other tension-filled stories, need a villain, and no, she doesn’t mean Ted from finance who keeps trying to slash your marketing budget. Villains are obstacles for your brand to conquer and are part of the reason your audience gets on board with team hero, so it’s time for you to cast the role of nemesis in your brand’s story.

Digital Storytelling Lessons from Charismatic Scientific Storyteller Chris Hadfield

With nearly 35 million views, astronaut Chris Hadfield is onto something as he uses digital platforms to inspire new generations about space. Nicola Brown explores what Hadfield did and suggests marketers get into a Hadfield mindset every day.

User-Generated Content – More Than Customer Reviews

Ben Dickens’ definition of user-generated content (UGC) is “authentic content generated by users in connection to a brand”. It’s goes beyond customer reviews and is something that marketers should explore.

Did Walmart’s High-Concept Short Films on the Oscars Work?

Tim Nudd explores Walmart’s deviation from its traditional advertising campaign in favor of giving brand storytelling a shot. Different directors made three short ad spots. Two were more on point with their stories while one missed the mark due to being more about “things” than concept.

How 5 Brands are Using Ads on Instagram Stories

As we’ve already revealed, Instagram Stories is making waves. Grace Caffyn looks at how Airbnb, ASOS, Maybelline New York, Bacardi, and Louis Vuitton France are slaying their storytelling on this platform.

How Video is Changing the Game for Content Marketers

Apparently, we watch 6 billion hours of YouTube per month. That’s a lot of video. Jeremiah Owyang explores current video trends content marketers should embrace such as: educate trumps entertaining, social media is important, and more.

Content Has Never Been More Important, Mobile World Congress Panelists Say

There are a lot of take-homes in this piece by Virginia Backaitis. As we look at the importance of content, we also get some critical lessons such as the fact that live broadcasting alone isn’t enough; there has to be a story there for engagement.

Fake News vs. Content Marketing: 4 Ways to Fight Back

The proliferation of fake news has done serious damage to content marketers’ ability to build audience trust. Alex Thorne-Large provides four strategies for fighting back against the fake news epidemic.

21 Effective and Useful Content Marketing Tips

While there is no one quick-fix approach for content marketing or a guarantee that following all of the tips just right will boost your brand into the stratosphere, You can never learn enough, which is why Warren Knight’s tips are just what you need to read.

7 Mistakes You are Making on Your Company Website

Your company website is the first thing visitors see, so it has to make a great first impression, have a clear call to action, and be easy to navigate (among other things) to engage audiences. Websites that don’t lose customers. Does your website show your brand’s best side?

Story is at the heart of any content marketing strategy. If you need help tapping into your brand’s story or finding ways to share that story in a meaningful way, contact The Storyteller Agency and let our talented team give life to your story.