It’s the last day of the work week (hallelujah) and time for the Friday Fix, which is our agency’s weekly rundown of who’s saying what and what’s happening in content marketing that you may have missed.

Serialization and Digital Storytelling: What Victorian-Era Publishing Teaches Us about Generating Leads

Once upon a time, publishers published stories in series format because it was economical. Kyle Harper’s relates the publishing practices of yesteryear to today’s digital storytelling and how you can use serialized content in your marketing strategy.

Why the Future of Humanity Depends on Good Stories

Nicola Brown ties her recent immersion into the BBC Earth channel into this piece in which she points out that stories are what’s going to keep us going. They have the ability to be memorable, emotive, and informative all at once. 

Why Data Visualization + Storytelling is Marketing Gold

It’s a known fact that data storytelling is awesome (though most brands don’t go there). Katy French shows precisely what the benefits of data storytelling, which is combining the worlds of hard data and human connection, where to get them, and how to approach them.

Non-Shady Fake News Hacks Every Content Marketer Should Use Right Now

Though we agree fake news is the worst, the techniques employed by fake news producers are worth adding to your arsenal. Seth Nickerson culls the gems that get audiences hot and bothered like: embracing your audience, publishing often, and producing content that triggers the emotions.

Aesop Storytelling Series – Episode 1: Why Brand Storytelling Has Got Zombie Movie Written All Over It

No, brand storytelling isn’t shuffling around the streets at night, looking for delicious brains to gnaw on. Per Ed Woodstock, brand storytelling is like zombies in that it’s not going to die; it’s in our DNA to crave stories. This episode in Ed’s series explores the business and marketing power of narratives.

Digital Storytelling in 162 Games: How Major League Baseball Keeps Its Story Fresh

Jonathan Crowl swings for the fences as he relates how MLB has used digital storytelling to connect with its legion of fans. One pro-tip is marketing beyond the game and finding stories that go beyond what’s happening on the field.

The Future of Content Marketing is Rooted in the Past

Joe McCambley’s look back isn’t necessarily into Victorian times…instead, it starts in the era of shoulder pads and stonewashed denim, the ‘80s, and it ends with marketers getting back to their roots through storytelling.

Why Marketers Should Focus on Video’s Overall Role, Not Specific Tactics

Video, as we know, is one of the most valuable mediums in marketing, but that doesn’t mean it can be all about the rhyme and not the reason. David Kirkpatrick addresses the importance of focusing on video’s overall role, not just the tactics.

The New Basics of Content Marketing – Interview with the Godfather of CM, Joe Pulizzi

Content marketing, like anything, has evolved, and who better to explain the evolution or the new status quo than the big papa of CM, Joe Pulizzi. David Reimherr interviews Joe to reveal the new best practices.

How Much Should You Invest in Content Marketing

It’s easy to want to only make sure investments with your budget in that you know exactly what you’ll get in return; however, Jayson Demers points out it’s better to invest in the potential when budgeting for content marketing.

3 Ways Quality Content & Blogging Improves Your SEO

SEO has changed within the past few years; it’s no longer about reaching an audience through the right keywords or the most likes; it’s about having consistently top-quality, audience-centric content.

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