What’s the secret to blogging for your business? It’s not as complicated as you may think. Incorporating a blog into your business marketing strategy can work wonders for your SEO and help you reach a larger audience – if you do it right. There is indeed a right way and a wrong way when it comes to blogging for your business and the secret to success is simply doing it the right way. If you have started a blog for your business and feel as if it may be falling short, here are some things that you are probably doing wrong.

Not Following a Schedule

So, here’s a little fun fact for you – Google is borderline OCD. Google REALLY likes it when you follow a schedule for your business blog. For example, if your business chooses to post two blog posts per week, they should be posted on the same days each week. When you give Google what they want, you will be rewarded with boosted SEO. This is also a great way to keep your audience coming back for more each week. If you are posting quality content every Wednesday, your audience will start to anticipate those new blog posts each week.

Not Doing Keyword Research



When you start blogging for your business, it is important to research relevant keywords to include in your blog posts. Using keywords that are highly searchable on the internet is another great way to boost SEO for your business. In relation to your business, what are the most highly searched words and phrases on the web? Find the answer to that question and you have your relevant keywords.

Not Considering Your Target Audience

Business blogging can be beneficial to your company in many ways, but ultimately it’s not all about you – it’s about your target audience. In order for a business blog to be successful, you have to tap into what your audience wants and needs from you. What are the questions that they want answered? What kind of information will bring them back to your blog (and website) time and again each week? The secret to a successful business blog lies in the answers to these questions.

Not Including Visual Content

So, here’s another little fun fact for you – people have short attention spans. Shocking, right? If you want your audience to read your blog posts, you have to grab their attention and hold it long enough for them to finish reading. Obviously, quality written content is extremely important, but including quality visuals scattered throughout the post goes a long way in keeping your audience’s attention.



Not Investing in Content Writing

Readability is a huge part of having a successful business blog and just because a post has no grammatical errors doesn’t mean that it’s highly readable. A highly readable blog post is the result of quality writing skills, and not everyone is blessed with that gift. Investing in the help of a marketing agency that specializes in content writing will greatly improve the success of your business blog. Quality content, relevant keywords, eye-catching blog graphics – The Storyteller Agency has you covered!

Does your business blog need a boost? The Storyteller Agency can help you improve your blog content or we can build your blog from the ground up. We can supply you with quality, keyword-rich written content as well as eye-catching visuals to accompany your blog posts. Contact us today for all of your marketing needs.