It’s true that we don’t stop to count our blessings often enough, but when we do, we realize how lucky we are and how beautiful our worlds are. In the interest of slowing down and reflecting on what we’re most thankful for, we ladies at The Storyteller Agency are taking pause to count our blessings and to share them with you.

The Storyteller Agency’s Founder & Chief, Laura Holloway

Laura, The Storyteller Agency’s founder and leader says, “I am thankful for:

  • A strong community that is always interested in lending a helping hand and in sharing their resources with each other
  • Our amazing clients, who continue to provide not only quality products and services, but who also give back to the community through fundraisers and service
  • A supportive family that has always believed in me and my dreams
  • Amazing friends in the marketing, writing, and production fields that lend an ear and offer advice when asked, which continues to make us a better company
  • An awesome team that works so hard to make sure deadlines are met, quality is delivered, and creativity is never lacking
  • A wonderful partner in life who always has my back, my best interests in mind, and my whole heart
  • Being given the chance in the next few months to play the role of mother in my life’s story.”

The Storyteller Agency’s Managing Editor, Amy Delcambre

Amy, The Storyteller Agency’s word-lover and grammar guru, says, “I am thankful for:

  • Having met Laura Holloway almost 10 years ago. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am on the road to making my dreams come true.
  • Being with a company with so much passion for storytelling and integrity for relationship building. Working for Laura and The Storyteller Agency has enabled me to have nothing but positive results in my own small business efforts.
  • Getting to help clients who genuinely care about their audience and customers grow their businesses and make positive differences in their communities.
  • A husband who’s crazy and loving enough to say, “Go for it,” no matter what I want to do.
  • The ability to work from home to be with my beautiful children while they’re little.
  • Having a clear sense of purpose in life. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a child. Every day, I live my dream, and every day, that dream grows a little more. The sky’s the limit, and I’m thankful for that.”

The Storyteller Agency’s Social Media Manager, Lauren Edwards

Lauren, The Storyteller Agency’s newest member and social contributor, says, “I’m thankful for:

  • New beginnings. This has been a year of great change (what year isn’t?) including a new marriage, new work, a new home, and now a tiny new life, fully formed and growing rapidly toward making an entrance into this world.
  • The opportunity to work with The Storyteller Agency and to learn from Laura Holloway who plucked me from disorienting and seemingly never-ending morning sickness and gave me a chance to learn new skills and to hone the ones I have been building.
  • My partner in crime and in life who supports and encourages me, believing in me when my own doubts are piling up.
  • The pure peace and joy I feel in moments when I can tap into my creative mind. It’s often torturing to get words on a page, but those moments when it all feels like it’s clicking feed my soul.
  • The natural world, which continues to inspire and to usher in beauty every day. A tall tree, a deep bay, a vast ocean, a tiny flower…. I intend to spend more time with these creations next year.”

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To say we’re blessed is an understatement, which is why we’re giving thanks and saying what makes life wonderful out loud. It’s also why we love working with a community of movers and givers and with clients who are equally passionate and compassionate in what they do (thank you for being you!). If you’d like to learn more about who we are and what we do, contact us by clicking this link.