It is hard to believe 2016 is almost over, but 2017 will be here before we know it. If they haven’t already, companies need to begin preparing their marketing plan for the next year. Instead of including the same tactics and media used in the past, we’ve compiled a list of a few things that should be included in a company’s plan that may not have been necessary before now. Here are a few facets of marketing that should be in every business’ 2017 marketing plan.


This year has been the year of video in the marketing world, and that trend is not disappearing anytime soon. More than ever before, brands will need to create and share video in 2017. Besides the fact that visuals resonate with consumers much faster than words, customers prefer to consume this type of engaging content. Creating video is a great way for brands to tell a thorough story while keeping their audience engaged throughout the narrative. For these reasons, it is imperative that companies make room for high quality, appealing video in 2017.

Influencer Strategies

The Internet has given everyone an outlet to share his or her opinion on anything, including businesses. With that being said, the use of brand influencers in selling products and services has become extremely important for brands in 2016. Many large brands have partnered with average consumers that support their business and have a large following and strong engagement with their followers on social media. Brands that have taken the leap to work with influences have seen great results. Going forward, all companies should consider incorporating a influencer strategy into their marketing. Another positive aspect of an influencer strategy is that it can be tailored for any size business with any budget as long as the business will dedicate time to seeking out those that are the most appropriate ambassadors for the brand.

Digital Ads

While most brands have accepted that an online presence its essential to succeed, many still believe that having a consistently updated website and posting on social media is enough. These days, big media companies such as Google and Facebook are making it harder and harder for companies to organically attract and gain followers. This means businesses now need to set aside money and resources to contribute to these digital platforms to ensure that they are being seen and heard by their audiences. We highly suggest that brands devote a portion of their marketing budget to social media ads, digital ads and mobile advertising. 

Targeted content

Brands need to realize that they can no longer send mass emails or place a generic ad in a magazine and expect results. With the huge expansion of channels that brands can use to communicate with their customers, people are now bombarded with content. With the constant noise surrounding marketing, brands need to be sure to stand out. To ensure brands are communicating the right message to the right audiences, they need to narrowly tailor their content to a very specific audience to stand out and succeed in 2017.


At the Storyteller Agency, we always say that companies need to stop marketing and start storytelling. This is now more important than ever. With so much content being created every day, companies need to craft compelling, flowing, and authentic narratives to stand out among their competitors. 

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