When you search #selfie on Instagram, it brings up over 270 million posts. Did you read that correctly? I said 270 MILLION selfie posts. In the name of research, I scrolled through a very small fraction of these selfies, and I discovered a couple of things – some people don’t know the actual meaning of a selfie, and the majority of people need some help in the selfie department. I also discovered some other things that I’m still trying to erase from my memory. One thing is certain, and that is that the selfie is here to stay. So, in an attempt to improve the overall quality of the selfie and the generation that thrives on them, we are going to talk about some tips on taking a good selfie and how to make yours stand out among the other 270 million.

1. Think outside the selfie box. Let your selfie show how interesting you are. I think that this tip is of utmost importance. The concept here is that when you post a selfie, you want to incorporate your personality somehow. Maybe you were out hiking and stumbled upon some great scenery – that would make an excellent background for your selfie. Or, maybe you just surfaced from an intense, inspiring yoga session – post a selfie of you, Indian-style on your yoga mat, and include a favorite inspirational quote. These posts highlight your unique personality, and that looks good on everyone. Do you know what is NOT interesting? A picture of yourself sitting in your car, seatbelt on, making a duck face. {cringe}

2.  Speaking of backgrounds, check before you post. It doesn’t matter how good you think you look in your selfie – if there is dirty laundry or a toilet in the background, that is going to be the main focus. Make sure before you post a selfie that you AND your background are up to par.

3. There is more to a selfie than just your beautiful face. Crazy concept, I know, right? Although we all love seeing your beautiful smiling face – notice I said smiling face, there are other ways to capture our attention. Maybe a cool beverage in hand and your toes in the sand – see what I did there? Or a picture of your stopwatch showcasing your new 5K ‘personal best.’ Sometimes these types of selfies can be even more interesting and share-worthy.

4. Filters aren’t just for making you look better or covering blemishes. Applying filters to your selfie can add character to the photo, or give it a more artsy feel. Instagram and Facebook both have a good selection of filters, but apps like Camera+ and Snapseed can add even more creativity to your posts. Let’s be honest though – filters are really good at covering up blemishes, too. It’s okay – we all do it.  

5. Download a camera app with a timer, to avoid the ‘arm out’ look in your selfie. Using a timer to take a selfie can take your selfie post from a 5 to a 10 in, well, about 10 seconds, depending on how long you set the timer for. This can make it easier for you to get the right angle and not have to worry about being able to reach the camera button. You can also use a timer and prop your phone up in front of you somewhere, to avoid the whole ‘arm out’ situation entirely.

6. Unless you have feathers and swim in a pond all day, just say NO to the ‘duck face.’ Everyone should have that one friend that always dishes out brutal honesty to save you from yourself, but according to my selfie research, there are a lot of folks who don’t have one of those friends – so, allow me to step in. The duck face is NEVER a good idea. NEVER. That’s really all there is to say about that.

7. Last, but certainly not least – step away from the bathroom mirror. I’m not sure who started the ‘bathroom mirror selfie’ phenomenon, but I am sure that it is, quite possibly, the worst selfie decision that you could ever make. Trust me on this one – the bathroom mirror is not doing you any favors.

People either love or hate, or love to hate selfies - I won’t disclose which category that I fall under. Love it or hate it though, the selfie is here to stay, so join me in ridding the social media world of less than mediocre selfies. I come to you as the selfie voice of reason, and I am only looking out for your best interest. Get out there and be interesting – but first, take a top-notch selfie.

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