Happy final Friday Fix of May!  It’s hard to believe we’ve crossed the Memorial Day threshold and are now unofficially into summer.   Speaking of things that are hard, how’s the content marketing going?  Is it getting harder or easier?  Ideally, things are looking up as studies continually show the effectiveness of content marketing.  Still not ringing the victory bell?  Not to worry; in this week’s Fix, we have lots of suggestions for ways to improve your existing practices and to analyze them to ensure you’re doing things properly and to the best of your ability.  So, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get Fixed!

5 Content Marketing Ideas for June 2015

Like I said, we already crossed the bridge past the big content marketing focal points for May, so that begs the question, what can you do with June?  Well, as per Armando Roggio in this piece, lots of things!  Not only is there Father’s Day (oh yeah, that), there’s also the start of summer and summer vacation both of which can be very impacting.

7 Tips for Incorporating Video into Your Content Marketing Program

In the past, we’ve talked about the importance of video in content marketing.  Here, Jessica Melhorn takes it to the next level by providing seven tips for making that incorporation happen.  Jessica’s ideas are inspirational for anyone who wants to take that video stop but isn’t sure how to make it happen or who wants ideas that go beyond “making a video” (like how and when to reuse video).


Mark Ladipus’ title compelled me to read his article.  I know how important video is, but radio?  Do go on!  Mark points out the history of radio and marketing (something that we’re all at least aware is a thing…radio used to be it for communication and marketing, for the most part), and then he provides insight on how to incorporate this incredibly valid form of content marketing into your strategy.

5 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing More Effective

Matthew Collis’ article touches what a lot of folks need to be tuning into because while many are doing some kind of content marketing, they’re not necessarily doing it well, or at the very least, they could be doing a more effective job with it. Matthew’s piece provides five salient suggestions on how to up the ante, and I suggest checking it out regardless of whether or not you’re a high roller.

This Brand’s Got a New Content Marketing Ticket to Ride

Thank you, Steve Olenski for getting a Beatles’ song stuck in my head (really, thank you…who doesn’t love The Beatles?).  Admittedly, the ticket is a little different than what you’re thinking as is the brand.  Steve’s piece explores the story of Ticketmaster and their foray into content marketing.  This is a great read to learn how others are getting into the game, if you will, with or without a ticket.

How Campaign-Based Content Will Kill Your Marketing Strategy

Sarah Goliger takes her time getting to the crux of this article choosing to start with a reflection of why we all care about content marketing in the first place (it’s always good to consider these things).  Sarah explores campaign-based versus content-based marketing approaches and ultimately concludes that one method (obviously, content) is superior to campaign.  Check it out to understand why and to –more importantly—make sure you’re not committing any of the errors characteristic of campaign-based content.

5 Ways to Resuscitate Your Content Marketing Strategy

As per Roxanne Abercrombie, there are times where things aren’t working, and that’s okay as she points out…content marketing is hard, and it’s a constant uphill battle.  For those who are beleaguered and ready to lay down your lances, wait and read this piece on giving the good fight another go.  Roxanne provides ideas on how to do more than be a content “recycler” ….she focuses on being a content “upcycler.”


If I had to assign a theme song to Eric Enge’s piece, it would be, “Why Can’t We be Friends.” Because I feel that’s the overall idea behind this article.  The main premise here is that a partnership can be mutually beneficial provided both parties are property invested and compelled toward a similar goal. It’s definitely worth the read especially if you’re in a position where you’re doing well and want to do something to enhance things.

Taking Stock of Your Content Marketing Approach

In terms of content marketing, we often talk about ROI, ways to improve, or tips for taking things to the next level.  Where Carolyn Cohn’s article is distinct is in her proposed methodology for examining the overall effectiveness of one’s content marketing campaign and diagnosing it for mistakes, errors, or ways to improve.  It’s more of a content-based analysis versus an ROI-type analysis, essentially.

Content Marketing is Hard – 7 Lessons Learned

Well, 100 points to Gryffindor for the most honest article title I’ve read to date.  Well played, Mike Huber.  So, why is content marketing hard?  How do we handle it?  Who will fold the laundry?  Mike answers all of these questions except the last one in this piece.  He explores why and how content is hard and how to handle it.  It’s a really smart piece perfect for anyone who, too, has thought, “This is hard,” respective to content marketing.

7 Tips on Taking a Good Selfie

Remember back in the days of MySpace when it was totally legit to take a good selfie in front of a bathroom mirror (hopefully with no weird stuff going on in the background)?  Well, those days have long since passed.  Learn what you need to know about taking a killer selfie (no self-stick required) that makes everyone adore versus abhor you.

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