It’s Friday, glorious Friday! Time to distract your work-weary brain with the Friday Fix, our weekly run-down of what’s up in content marketing. Find out how to rock influencer marketing, why millennials love food chains, and how you can kick your blog into gear with storytelling.

5 Ways Asking Insightful Questions Can Spark Creative Thinking

Not getting the answers you want? Maybe you’re not asking the right questions. Liz Alton suggests that by asking the right kinds of questions (ex: why, how, or what storytelling mechanisms bring an audience’s emotions bubbling to the surface?), you can engage in higher-level creative thinking.

5 Ways to Engage in Powerful Storytelling, in a Fragmented Media Environment

Jim Curtis’ piece focuses on healthcare issues, but his points about using storytelling to engage are universally applicable. Further, under the lens of the hot-and-heavy healthcare debate, it illustrates how focusing on meaningful content enhances a story’s emotional gravity.

Why Millennials are Hooked on Chain Restaurants

Despite the hubbub about buying local, the millennials dig those big corporate chains. Part of it, Nicole Spector explains, is their addiction to convenience. The other? Their addiction to social media and the engagement via tone, social causes, and health big chains post about.

5 Proven SEO Benefits of Long-Form Content for Marketers

You’ve heard that long-form content boosts SEO, but you’re still not convinced. Manas Kumar shares five compelling benefits that will make you want to rethink your stories’ word counts.

Could Better Brand Storytelling Help Mitigate Uber’s Problems?

As they prepare to launch into shipping and packaging (think UPS and FedEx), Uber’s not doing uber. Krystal Overmyer reminds us of their hotheaded CEO, that sexual harassment lawsuit, federal investigation, etc. before suggesting that better brand storytelling might be the rope they need to climb out of their hole (can you dig it?).

Influencer Marketing: A Key Building Block of a Successful Content Marketing Engine

In a world overloaded with content, Maria Sipka points out that influencers are able to help marketers cut through the noise to reach their audiences; however, it’s important to integrate influencer marketing correctly.

By Focusing Too Much on Promotions and Buzz, Brands and Marketers are Pissing Off Bloggers and Driving Away Influencers

It’s the year of influencer marketing, but some brands are being a little too pushy for the liking of many. The irony isn’t lost on Joey Alarilla who advises brands offer great stories (among other things) to get in with bloggers and influencers.

Improve Your Email Campaigns with These 7 Best Practices

Rikke Berg Thomsen reminds us that e-mail marketing has the “highest ROI of all marketing channels”; however, most don’t bother with it, which is bizarre since (non-promo) e-mail is a great way to share your story and to build relationships with your audience.

Is Content Marketing the New Black, with Brands Becoming Content Publishers?

The rise of content marketing is an “international revolution”. As Ane Honiball points out, brands’ production of content has taken precedence over journalism, traditional advertising, and even a brand’s products, in some contexts.

How Marketing Will Change in 2017

The marketing landscape is ever-evolving. George Beall highlights the many ways marketing will change this year (live video, UX, predictive analysis, etc.). Are you on top of the shift? (Grabs checklist.)

9 Ways to Incorporate Storytelling into Your Blog Posts

Everyone’s said you need storytelling in your blog life, but no one’s really broken it down for you. We demystify the process with nine easy-to-understand ways to unleash your storytelling prowess on your blogs. The end.

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