With only one Friday left this year, the name of the game in content marketing right now is figuring out how to have your best year ever in 2017. In this week’s Friday Fix, we give you the weekly rundown on what pundits predict and advise for your new year’s content marketing game.

9 Ways to Upgrade Your Content Marketing in 2017

If 2017 is going to be the year you rock your content marketing game, then take notes from Josh Ritchie who says fewer but better content pieces, more storytelling, more video, and more interactive experiences are some ways to upgrade your content marketing. We couldn’t agree more.

Digital Content Marketing Trends to Look for in 2017

Jessica Gow brings the list of what’s going to be “on fleek” for 2017 (hopefully, we’ll stop saying “on fleek”). Dark social gets a boost (that’s content sharing that can’t be measured by analytics), and real time video is going to be even hotter, micro influencers will have macro reach among other things.

5 Proven Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing in 2017

Even if your organization decides to create outside of the box in 2017, Ola Ric perpetuates that there are a few classic strategies for success that you shouldn’t ignore in your CM 2017 game plan such as focusing on: writing targeted content, combine words and visuals in your video storytelling, promote your content, create engaging content, and do proper research. Keep it clean and lean, folks.

3 Digital Storytelling Lessons from Bank of America

Taylor Holland reveals three lessons you can take to the bank (pun intended) from observing what Bank of America has done. See how they help others tell great stories, tell data-driven stories, and tell their brand story and then try to imitate their success.

5 Ways to Incorporate Virtual Reality into Your Content Marketing Campaign

Virtual reality is the new cool kid in school, and everyone wants a piece of it. In this article, Azad Abbasi not only gives you a run down on how the two sides of the VR coin (that’s virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree VR video) work but also how you can use them in your content marketing campaign.

Influencer Marketing: The Strides We’ve Made in 2016

Last week, we shared that influencer marketing was going to be a big deal in 2017, and here Brian Zuercher reveals why. Particularly with millennial audiences, influencers have overtaken celebrities in how well they relate. What’s more, among other things, Zuercher shares that 40% of millennial YouTube subscribers feel that “their favorite YouTuber ‘understands them better than their friends.’”

Forrester: Brands Should Embrace Third Parties for Content Marketing

According to statistics in this article by Chantal Tode, building an in-house content marketing team doesn’t have the payoff you may think; for the price, Tode reveals that third parties provide better outcomes as well where most budgets will be going in 2017.

Technology Trends that Will Transform Content Marketing in 2017

Vikas Agrawal’s predictions here line up with a lot of what we’ve seen in terms of predicting big years for VR as well as live streaming, but Agrawal also says that artificial intelligence, IoT and new devices, e-commerce and social media, and improved algorithms are among the things that will impact content marketing in the coming year.

Content Marketing Tips to Develop and Share Your Company Values with Your Consumer

We all know the importance of storytelling, but Mike Templeman points out in this article that telling your story is essential for meaningful engagement and for your organization to grow. Blogging and posting on social media for the sake of “being out there” won’t cut it anymore. Your story has to be honest and real.

4 Facts about Today’s Content Marketing Talent Landscape

According to Adam Weinroth, while America may have talent, the content marketing landscape is coming up short. Thankfully, he doesn’t mean the quality of talent but the quantity. There were “3.25 content marketing job postings for every job seeker” in September of 2016. The quest for top talent is real especially since employers want marketers to have creative and technical talents.

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