Happy Friday Fix, fellow June-bugs!  It’s a beautiful day to talk content marketing.  I hope you ate breakfast because this Fix has one article that will really get your tummy rumbling if not (spoiler: it’s about guacamole, which is delicious with eggs).  Not only does today’s fix whet your appetite for avocados, it also gets you fired up about content marketing as we bring tips on improving your organic traffic search, saving time on implementing your content marketing plan (so you can make guacamole, obviously), and more!  Hold on to your nachos…it’s time to get Fixed!

What Guacamole Can Teach Us about Content Marketing

Hold the phone, Quinn Whissen.  This article is like some kind of Tipping Point thing because I have been obsessed with guacamole for roughly a week and have been eating it with almost every meal.  My bizarre food cravings aside and more importantly, Quinn’s article focuses on guacamole with respect to Chipotle who further secured its place in the hearts of Millennials everywhere with the (free) release of its guacamole recipe. By doing so, Chipotle established trust, transparency, and cultivated loyalty. For the delicious details, check out Quinn’s article.

Why the ‘How-to’ Boom in Content Marketing is Still Growing

Jayson DeMers demystifies why there are so many how-to guides out there for content marketing.  You may think that surely there’s a definitive guide that everyone can defer to, but the reality is there’s more and more to describe in content. Further, some guides are specific to processes (ex: creating an editorial calendar or analyzing ROI). So, like a guacamole recipe, sure, there are a thousand of them out there, and they’re all working with the same key ingredient (content marketing), but the seasonings change, which is what makes each how-to article worth a taste.

The Effectiveness of Content Marketing Uncovered

Arif Durrani’s article brings highly-coveted knowledge to content marketers as he reveals the results of research that aimed to understand why people share what they share.  You really must read the whole article for the details, but here’s a teaser: how-to guides are the most shared branded content; social video engagement is mobile-driven; and the primary motivator to share is the content’s practical value.

Where Does Your Brand Fit in the Social Media and Content Marketing Equation?

In case you weren’t already on board with the idea of storytelling in content marketing, then Trevor Young’s piece will probably push you over the edge. He makes several salient points on some of content marketing’s ongoing evolutions before accurately noting that your audience doesn’t really care about your products and services; they care about themselves, which means that your branding approach needs to connect with them on an emotional level that they can relate to, and what does that?  Stories do that.

Content Marketing: Communication Beyond Words

We’ve talked before about how video and images are becoming a big part of content marketing’s bread and butter, and William Yates’ article further emphasizes the value of communicative mediums that aren’t word-based. In this case, Yates primarily focuses on the animated infographic, which enables you to (essentially) clearly and expediently communicate (otherwise) difficult to convey information.

5 Insights from HubSpot’s 2015 Content Marketing Survey

Overall, the five insights Lisa Toner’s article brings are positive for content marketing. For example, more and more people believe in content marketing than ever before, and they’re putting their budgets where their mouths are.  On the flip side, there are still some issues with overall content.  Also, on the neutral side, there’s one thing that everyone must do in order to succeed.  Curious to know what it is?  Read Lisa’s article to find out.

How Content Marketing Increases & Improves Organic Search Traffic

As per Tony Adragna, organic traffic is when someone conducts a keyword search and your site pops up because of its relevance to that keyword.  The thing is, as Tony notes, this doesn’t just happen by accident (I suppose it could, but you want it to be intentional).  By using keywords as your foundation and writing to your buyers’ personalities and needs, you’ll start to see a lot of more organic traffic.

7 Time-Saving Tips when Implementing a Content Marketing Plan

As much as I would like to tell you that content marketing is all about writing a story about your product or company, it’s actually much more, which is why Jessica Vionas’ time-saving tips will be your go-to guide when implementing your plan.  From creating a calendar to conducting analysis to recognizing when you need help, Jessica’s tips are spot on for anyone getting into content marketing (time-saving or not).

5 Resources Content Marketers Cannot Live Without

In the same vein of Jessica’s piece, John W. Hayes’ piece thus flows.  In this case, John brings words and wisdom of essential tools and resources that he finds most beneficial.  From BootSuite for collaboration to Periscope for live broadcasting Twitter to HARO for networking, John breaks down his five favorite tools, and he explains why.

3 Reasons to Break the Content Marketing Rules

There’s a time and a place for naughtiness in content marketing, and Jonathan Gamble isn’t afraid to reveal what they are.  We talk about the rules or the guides or the best practices for content marketing a lot, but there are times where rules need to bend and snap a little. For example, if you have a schedule that’s inflexible, it’s time to break the rules a little.  See the other times (and more importantly, why) you should break your own rules from time to time.

How to Use Social Media for Your Business

Using social media in your business’ content marketing strategy can be a beautiful, beautiful thing provided it’s done properly.  Many a hesitator will argue that social media can do more harm than good, which is true if it harasses or annoys the audience, but with these content-savvy insights, that doesn’t have to happen.  So, check out these wise words and never hashtag anyone to death again.

Amy Delcambre is a freelance content and travel writer from Mobile, Alabama with a Master's in Creative Writing. When she's not painting the page with nouns, verbs, and adverbs, she's slaying grammar beasts as a freelance editor and saving the world one sentence fragment at a time teaching university writing classes. In her free time, Amy enjoys cooking, traveling, and testing which plant species best survive prolonged neglect.

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