It’s the Friday Fix, also known as the best part of the week, especially if you take into account that groundhog’s questionable performance on Monday.  I don’t care what Punxsatawney Phil says; my spring is coming early (and maybe for content marketing in general?).  One thing you can certainly say for content is that love is in the air because the holiday everyone loves to hate, Valentine’s Day, is coming up. Also, we’ve got other fish to fry, like is multimedia long-form the next big thing? Not sure what that even is?  Well, get your Fix on and find out.

4 Valentine’s Day Stories You Should be Telling This Year
In this very engaging article, Brad Kuenn tackles how to tell stories for one of the most complex holidays of the year because what if your company is like Brad’s handyman and Valentine’s marketing comes off awkward and forced (like when you publicly apologize for overindulging at a PTA meeting). You definitely don’t want that, so how do you harness the power of the holiday? Let Brad be your guide.

Marketing Ideas for Valentine’s Day that will Boost Your ROI
Gabriel Shaoolian picks up the content conversation relative to Valentine’s Day and analyzes how to channel those brilliant ideas in a manner that that is as charming as a classic conversation heart but can be diversified for the various channels. Think of it this way: you have to propose in three different places: a restaurant, the gym for some reason, and an airport.  Your proposal would be different for each setting, right? (You’d at least have different flash mob choreography…I mean, come on).  Well, according to Gabriel, your content approach should be planned and executed the same way.


Why Website Structure & Content Marketing Go Together like Spaghetti & Meatballs
Though part of me was secretly hoping Steve Armenti was also giving away his grandma’s meatball recipe (with a name like Armenti, I just assume he’s Italian), he dishes up something just as good. Instead of calling for garlic, oregano, and breadcrumbs, his recipe deals with categories, articles, and tag pages.  How does all of this go into a top shelf content marketing strategy?  You’ll have to read to get the Armenti family recipe.

Shh, These Content Marketing Secrets are from Experts
Though these secrets are published on the Small Business Trends website, shh…they’re really for everybody.  From performance to operational metrics to content marketing framework, Larry Kim gets inside of experts’ minds to unveil what the winners are doing in content marketing that distinguish them.  These ideas aren’t just for small businesses, so, um, grab a pen, and check out this article.

How to Win and Lose at Content Marketing
While Annie Pilon doesn’t give away every cheat for winning and losing at content marketing (I mean, how fair would that be?), she does reveal one way that you can definitely shoot yourself in the foot and that is by not being appropriately transparent.  While you might think it’s easy to be on the up and up, see what Annie says because being transparent isn’t always so clear.

coca cola

Coke Duped into Tweeting Nazi Propaganda
Well, we have all heard of the horrible crime of cyber bullying, but now it appears we’ve entered the realm of content bullying (I mean, is nothing sacred? A pre-tween’s Tweet? A soda company’s Super Bowl ad campaign?). By now, I think we are all familiar with Gawker’s Nazi scheme on Coke’s automated social media campaign, #MakeItHappy (if you’re not, read Bruce Horovitz’ post immediately), so the real questions that remain are will Coke end up winning with a positive message and do we feel any differently about pursuing an automated social media campaign?

6 Steps to a Content Marketing Plan that Can Drive Conversions
We haven’t shared a good read for those new to content marketing lately, but if there was one that might help freshmen to the content marketing crowd understand how the game is played, this post by Nidhi Raj Puri is definitely it.   These piece explores the guiding principles of creating result-driven content marketing, so, it’s really helpful especially for those who are just stepping up to the plate.

Why a Documented Content Marketing Strategy Matters
I know we’ve harped on and on about the importance of a documented content marketing strategy, but now someone really attractive is also saying it, which means it’s definitely time to listen up.   In this piece, Michelle helps those who have yet to really define their strategy by listing where to begin and by providing ideas for what to articulate in getting that plan from the abstract to the concrete stage. 

Online Tools to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategies
Regardless of whether or not you’re established or just getting into this whole content marketing thing, Nick Rojas’ tools for playing the content marketing game are absolute gems because he hits on the best of the best in this piece.  Whether it deals with keywords and social media trends, analytics, or SEO, Nick has it covered.

Multimedia Long-From: The Next Big Thing for Content Marketing
Could AhavaLeibtag be right?   Could multimedia long-form be the next thing for content marketing?  It’s possible.  Essentially, multimedia long-form is content marketing in multimedia.  Since we constantly preach the virtues of pursuing video marketing, mobile marketing, and so forth, it’s very possible that the next step could be storytelling in multimedia.  What do you think?  Read the particulars and weigh in.

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