Your website is one of your most important business tools; you should consider it an extension of yourself and your brand. When your customers visit your website, they have certain expectations that—if not quickly met—will cause them to take their business elsewhere. So, even if you’ve nailed relationship building on social media, if your website suffers from some of these mistakes, your efforts could be for naught.   

Your Website Lacks a Call to Action

You’ve got a beautifully designed homepage, but the customer has to search to figure out what exactly it is you do. Your landing page’s headline should answer the question of what problem your company solves. What do you do for your customers? We talked about answering that question in your brand story; the answer needs to be concisely revealed in your headline. Don’t make customers search or scroll or click your ‘About Me’ page to find it.

Your Homepage is Too Crowded

Your website can do a lot, but there’s no need for all of it to be jammed on the homepage. A clean, straight-forward homepage without a lot of moving parts (we’re looking at you, sliders) that make customers search or wait will keep customers more effectively than one jammed-packed with your newsfeed, your company’s life story, and other website content.

Your Website Looks Homemade

Your website is like a birthday cake in that people can tell when it’s a DIY job versus a professional job (in most cases, anyway). If you’re not a pro, hire someone to design your website. This will ensure that you have good quality images and video, properly spelled content, and an attractive, polished layout. Bad spelling and grammar, poorly produced videos or images, or awkwardly placed content are turnoffs to your customers.

Your Website’s Content is Outdated

Audiences are quickly annoyed when they click to navigate your page and get an error message. Audience’s can tell when a website is collecting dust and are quick to move on to something that’s being maintained. Stay on top of your blog, your social media, and other content related to your website’s upkeep. Refresh photos and videos as well as copyright statements and dates to ensure your audience knows your site is as vital as your company is.

You Left Off the E-mail Registration

It takes five seconds for potential customers to type in their e-mail address. Customers often visit a webpage and look around but aren’t ready to commit. If you have them leave their e-mail address, then you’ve got the ability to reach them later and to possibly earn their business; however, if you don’t have a quick and easy way for customers to leave their e-mail address, you may as well be a well-dressed guy with a glass shoe trying to find “the one.”

Your Website isn’t Mobile-Friendly

Now more than ever, more people are doing business via their mobile devices, and if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then you’re missing out on a major group of potential buyers. Period.

Your Website’s Content Lacks Originality

Lacking originality is a great way to be forgettable. One way websites lack originality is by (cringe) ripping content from others. Just…don’t do that; it’s unethical, and it makes you look sketchy. Another way to be unoriginal is to not write using your unique voice. Your website’s content should reveal your brand’s personality.

Your website should catch your audience’s attention. It should be clean, look professional, and have a clear call to action. By avoiding common website mistakes, you make yourself more accessible and attractive to your audience.

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