During the holiday season, everyone seems to be looking for ways to donate funds, volunteer, or give back to the community in some way. Many people don’t recognize that one great way to give back to their community is by sharing a skill. At The Storyteller Agency, we pride ourselves on consistent and frequent community service throughout South Walton, and today we are sharing a few of the ideas we have had for giving back. Here are some ways that marketers can share their skills with their community.

Pro Bono Work                                                                                            

We know the constant battle of others asking, “Can I pick your brain on social media?” or “Would you mind taking just a few photos for us?” Unfortunately, marketers are very often asked to share their skills for free. We are not saying that marketing skills are not valuable, and that marketing professionals shouldn't charge for their time and knowledge. What we are saying to marketers is to find a cause about which they are passionate or an organization that they proudly support and offer some marketing advice or assistance. Because marketing has so many facets, marketers should offer what they can truly dedicate time and resources towards. This does not have to be a huge project. It can be creating a simple video or offering guidance on social media. In the end, marketers will be happy they gave their time and services to a worthy cause.

Teach a Class

We understand that pro-bono work is not something that businesses can do often because, like every business, marketing professionals need to make a profit. What marketers can do to still help others in the community is host a class to teach others their skills. For example, marketing agencies can host a class for nonprofits, helping them learn the tricks to the trade. This not only helps multiple organizations at once, but this can have long-term effects on the organizations’ marketing because the attendees are able to put what they learn into practice.

One-on-One Consultations

Because those needing marketing assistance will all have different skill levels, dedicating time to one-on-one meetings can greatly help organizations and individuals in the community. While a class is an effective way to share skills, those needing marketing assistance will greatly benefit from focused meetings with a marketing professional. In this setting, people are able to ask questions and focus on the aspects of marketing where they need help the most. Lastly, this way of giving back does not take much of a marketing professional's time. Donating one hour a week to chat over coffee is doable for any professional, no matter how busy he or she is.

Spread the Word

For those thinking, “I don’t have the time for any of these,” we are about to prove you wrong. Everyone has time to spread the word about an individual or organization that is making positive changes for his or her community. We know marketers spend a decent amount of time on social media, so create an informative post about a local organization. This simple post could help tremendously. In addition to sharing on social media, marketers can also give back by spreading the word at local networking and professional development events. 

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