Let’s talk video, folks – have you incorporated video into your marketing strategy yet? Why not? Video is stealing the show (and the audience) these days and a successful video campaign can take your business to a new level of success. So, what makes a successful video? Well, that list could get pretty long, but there is one important overall concept to keep in mind – a successful video will make your audience feel something. Regardless of which emotions you want to tap into with your audience, we think there are a few magic ingredients that can always do the trick – pets, babies and grandparents.

Why Pets, Babies and Grandparents?  

So, why choose these three ingredients? Well, believe it or not, pets, babies and grandparents actually have a lot in common in terms of a successful video campaign.  

They can tap into multiple emotions simultaneously

Have you ever watched a video that had you laughing uncontrollably while also feeling like your heart may explode from your chest? Videos starring pets, babies or grandparents have a way of doing this to us and that can only mean one thing – video campaign success! Tapping into multiple emotions at once is a great way to win the attention of your audience.

Videos of pets, babies or grandparents are highly shareable on social media

If you do your research, you will find that videos starring any of these three magic ingredients are among the most highly shared video content on social media, which also equals video campaign success. One of the biggest goals of a video marketing strategy is to create content that is highly shareable by your audience and these three ingredients are pure magic!

They all have a story to be told

Of course, we think that the most successful video campaigns tell a story to the audience. Maybe it’s the story of a rescued pet, a baby’s first steps, or the journey to an elderly couple’s 60th wedding anniversary – the storytelling opportunities are almost endless with these three magic ingredients.

How do you know which ingredient is right for your brand?

When it comes to creating a successful video marketing strategy, you have to keep your brand identity in mind and the beauty of these three magic ingredients is that they could ALL be the right choice for your brand. You want to focus mostly on the overall feel of your video and which emotions you are looking to tap into and as we mentioned before, the magic of these three ingredients is that they have the power to tap into the entire wheelhouse of emotions. So, think about these questions when creating your video marketing strategy –

·         What do you want your audience to feel when they watch your video?

·         What do you want your video campaign to achieve for your business?

·         What is the call-to-action that you want your video to inspire in your audience?

What do pets, babies and grandparents have to do with my business?

I know what you may be thinking – pets, babies and grandparents have nothing to do with the type of business that you run. Well, to let you in on a little secret of video marketing success, that’s what makes them magic ingredients! The most successful videos look nothing like a business advertisement – instead they come in the form of stories told to your audience that will tap into their emotions and show them the human side to your business.

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