If you want to have a super Friday, you came to the right place because today’s Friday Fix reveals what you can learn from superheroes and how to leverage your own superpowers (among other things). So, grab an iced latte, don your cape, and get Fixed.

Aesop Storytelling Series – Episode 3: Vulcan Mind-Melding for Marketers

If you want super powers, become a storyteller. Ed Woodcock’s fascinating read reveals that when we experience stories, we neurologically undergo something similar to synaesthesia, a rare condition that causes people to literally feel what they observe. From a brand marketing POV, the transformation that takes places when people experience stories translates to more positively receptive and less judgmental audiences.

What Wonder Woman’s History-Making Success Can Teach Health Care Content Marketing

Speaking of feats of super-heroism, it might seem like she’s trying to leap a tall building deriving a healthcare marketing lesson from Wonder Woman’s success; however, Megan Williams makes two simple points applicable across the content marketing spectrum: build your story’s foundation on something familiar and select the right inspiration for pushing boundaries.

How to Become a Stellar Nonprofit Storyteller

Nonprofits have unique concerns that commercial brands don’t always have, but that doesn’t mean Julia Claire Campbell’s storytelling wisdom can’t be applied to both for- and non-profits. In addition to tried-and-true storytelling pro-tips, Julia also says to be a true believer in your cause, to truly understand what it’s all about, and to remain generous.

We Made These 10 Social Media Mistakes So You Don’t Have To

There are lots of mistakes you can make on social media, and it seems Alfred Lua has unearthed a new layer to mistakes you might be making. For example, do you share content other than your own? Are you targeting a specific audience? What makes you so sure you’re boosting the right posts?

Small Business Digital Marketing: Top 3 Tips for 2017

In today’s culture of cultivating audience relationships, being a small business with a small budget doesn’t have to be a handicap, but you do need to know how to leverage what capabilities you have. Kalina Nikolova details the three most important digital marketing strategies to employ in 2017 to stay ahead.

The Importance of a Social Media Bio

Many brands give far more attention to their social media content than to their bios; however, as Catriona Pollard explains, your bio is “an essential component” for boosting your professional reputation and to enhance your brand.

How to Optimize Your Facebook Dark Posts

Facebook dark posts are test posts you can run without actually posting in order to gauge which versions of your posts will perform best. Eleanor Pierce explains exactly how to use them.

The Ultimate Guide to Working with Micro-Influencers

This is the year of the influencer, but influencers might not be budget-friendly for you. Shane Barker breaks down how to work with micro-influencers who are smaller-scale and more affordable than major influencers but who can be equally as influential.

8 Steps to Building a $3 Million Hair-Care Brand Using Social Media

Ryford Estores story is definitely one heck of a rags-to-riches type tale as told by Stephen Key. Key’s analysis of Estores clever use of social media to build his business reveals clever strategies for anyone’s social media marketing playbook (regardless of your feelings on hair-care).

5 Steps to Help You Increase Customer Engagement

You follow all of the best-practiced content marketing advice, but you find customer engagement isn’t what it should be. Tanvir Zafar supplies a few tactics like practicing behavioral marketing and looking to influencers and thought leaders to help you.

Having a great content marketing strategy can make you feel like a superhero. The Storyteller Agency specializes in helping you unlock all of your superpowers from storytelling to social media marketing and more.