It’s officially the busiest time of the year. With Christmas shopping, holiday parties, house decorating and more, you may have missed out on this week’s most important marketing news. We compiled the latest storytelling articles in this week’s Friday Fix, so you can catch up on all social media, video marketing and storytelling news in one place.

5 Storytelling techniques for Business from Former Actress Turned Entrepreneur

Fobres shares insight from a business professional that knows a thing or two about storytelling. Cooper Harris incorporated her acting skills into a business strategy. Her five tips to other entrepreneurs include identifying things on an emotional level, remembering that 'it’s not all about you', knowing how to tell a story in a sequence, managing nerves and pace, and working toward a climax and resolution.

10 Small Business Tips for SEO, Content Marketing and More

Many small businesses don't think they have the budget or resources for a successful marketing strategy, but Small Business Trends shares 10 tips to combat that myth. Gaining better audience insights, getting the most out of holiday emails, using customer retention strategies, and more are among the tips mentioned in this article that businesses can implement now.

Why Your Brand Storytelling Strategy Should Take a Stand

Skyword says the recent U.S. presidential election has made something very clear—brands need to take a stand. Vague, people-pleasing stories will not connect with a company’s audience. The article suggests that brands show their true colors by respectfully and transparently sharing their beliefs. Although this could cause a loss of some customers, it will create stronger, authentic relationships between brands and their loyal audiences.

Agile Marketing: Moving at the Speed of the Customer

These days, all content creators struggle with being noticed by their audience. Forbes suggests that an agile, flexible approach is the way to combat the fight for attention. This in-depth interview with top marketing professionals shares how companies can adapt their strategies to move at the speed of their customers.

3 Things to Consider Before You Make Your Next Marketing Video

Many marketers have accepted the importance of video in a brand’s marketing strategy. Before companies create videos, CMS Wire says they need to consider the global aspect of video, define a tailored message and craft a story.

5 Tips to Ensure Your Marketing Actually Gets Done

Many marketing professionals spend a great deal of time crafting an elaborate marketing plan, but they don't have the manpower to implement it. Entrepreneur shares how businesses can ensure their marketing tactics are completed.  Watch the video to see why content, consistency and automation are crucial to successful marketing.

New Year’s Resolution: Don’t let Big Data Kill Storytelling

Although reporting and data are significant in marketing, MediaPost says it’s crucial that businesses do not allow the importance of the numbers kill a brand’s story. Too often available data outweighs creativity. Instead of relying so much on statistics, this piece challenges businesses to craft quality content for tailored audiences.

8 Companies Doing Social Media Right and What Marketers Can Learn From Them

All marketers fall in a creative rut every now and then and need to look for creative inspiration. Marketing Land shares a few companies that are succeeding with social media marketing. Check out what Cisco, Staples, JetBlue, Uber and others are doing on social media for some innovative ideas to incorporate into a company’s social media strategy.

What to Post on Each Social Media Outlet

A one-size-fits-all approach does not work on social media. We’ve outlined what type of posts work best on each social media outlet including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more. Read our insight on our blog.

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