By now, we’re sure you’ve heard the hype about Instagram Stories. You know, the feature that some people are saying was copied from Snapchat? Well, it’s caused a lot of controversy in the social media world, but this feature has already proven to be extremely useful for businesses’ online marketing. Do you want to know if this feature can help you reach your goals? Here’s why you should use Instagram Stories, how to use this feature and what to post on your story.

Why You Should Use Instagram Stories

Devoted Followers

The simple feature could be a game changer for your business. Why? Your most dedicated and loyal followers will take out the time to watch your stories. Incorporating your message into Instagram stories allows you to identify those devoted followers (because you can see who watches your story) and serve them content that is relevant and interesting to them (because you can see which content receives more views and screenshots).

Top of Mind

Instagram Stories are the first thing someone sees when they open the Instagram app. The user’s recent stories show up at the top of their home page. You can’t even pay for that kind of placement on Instagram (yet)!

Instagram is also working on a new feature where stories will also show up on the search page as well. This will allow you to tell your story to a broader audience, including people who don’t follow you. Once again, this exposure is free!

How To Create a Story

Creating a story is so easy, and if you’ve used Snapchat before you could figure this out very quickly. But if you’re not familiar with the feature, here are a few simple steps:

1.       Click the plus sign in the top left corner of your home screen.

2.       Snap a picture by clicking the circle or record a video by holding the circle down.

3.       Click the check to upload.

Yes, it is that simple! Because stories can only be a maximum of 10 seconds, creating a series of short photos and videos is the best way to get your message across using this feature.

How to Incorporate Stories into Your Business

Hopefully, by now we’ve inspired you to create a story of your own, but in case you’re still stuck, here are a few ideas for the types of content you can post.

Anything You Already Share

Think of the content you post on Facebook or Instagram. Think of what you send in your monthly newsletter, or that new blog post you wrote, or your newest website update. All of these could be showcased through your Instagram story! Ultimately, your story is an additional social media outlet that shows which messages are resonating with your audience. Why wouldn’t you want to use this feature?

Example: Share a photo of your newest product

Behind the Scenes

Followers love behind the scenes looks. The more personal you can make your story, the more your followers will keep coming back to watch it.

Example: Have your employees post to your story showcasing their job from their perspective. 

Instagram Stories Exclusive Content

Post certain content only to your Instagram story, and then promote it on your other social platforms. This not only gives you posts for your other platforms, but it also encourages people to follow you on Instagram.

                Example: Host a contest or giveaway through Instagram Stories.

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