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With this week being filled with exciting happenings such as Halloween and the Cubs winning the World Series, you may have missed some important content marketing news. No worries though, because we have this week’s Friday Fix ready for you filled with the most up-to-date storytelling, blog writing, social media and content marketing updates.

A Guide to Local Content Marketing for Small Businesses

It is crucial for brick-and-mortar businesses to have a marketing plan to attract customers to their store. This step-by-step guide from Small Business Trends says that identifying a target audience, examining existing content and competition, refining broad tactics and looking for inspiration are key to successful content marketing for small businesses.

An Essential Guide to Writing Blogs that Win

Search Engine Journal predicts that in 2017, blogs will be more important than ever before. Businesses need to enhance their blogs by ensuring the written material is strategic, intentional and targeted to a specific audience. Check out the complete guide for further details to create a winning blog. 

8 Reasons to Focus on Content Marketing and Improve Your Google Ranking

Having a top ranking company website on Google can bring a brand incredible benefits, but how does a company acquire that top spot? Content marketing. Finance Magnates shares the top reasons businesses should focus on content marketing, including building trust, increasing web traffic and more.

5 Free Marketing Tools Small Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore 

Tight marketing budget? No problem, because Forbes shared free marketing tools that can be greatly beneficial for businesses. Marcia Layton Turner says that Facebook groups, YouTube, SurveyMonkey, Help a Reporter and Google Alerts are marketing tools everyone should be implementing because they are too beneficial to ignore.

How to Land a Job: Apply Storytelling to Your Résumé

We always say storytelling is key in captivating customers, and now University Herald is reporting that it is fundamental is finding a job. By turning a résumé into a story, applicant’s have a chance to show their true personality and make a lasting impression on the employer.

5 Incredibly Effective Digital Marketing Strategies that Most Marketers are Too Afraid to Try

Many businesses are scared to take risks in marketing because there is always a chance that it will not work. Instead of sticking to the same strategies, Forbes suggests that business embrace up-and-coming social media sites, create interactive content and reuse and repurpose top content. Check out the full article for additional tips.

Shopping Coming to Instagram

The Internet has forever changed the way we shop, and Instagram announced this week that they are giving us a new online shopping option. Instagram will start testing the feature next week, and after testing features and receiving feedback Instagram will allow all users to shop and buy products within the app.

5 Attitudes that Say Your Organization’s Not Ready for All-Out Social Media

It is imperative that businesses create and implement a successful social media strategy. Before businesses partake in social media marketing, it is crucial that businesses recognize that social media is not free, transparency and authenticity are essential and social media requires a detailed marketing plan. Check out what PR Daily says identifies as common attributes of a business that is not ready for all-out social media.

20 Things You Should Never Do on Social Media

Social media can be an extremely helpful tool for brands if used properly, but if it used the wrong way it can hurt a businesses reputation. Avoiding these 20 mistakes is the first step in ensuring a brand’s social media success.

5 Reasons You Need a Content Marketing Strategy Right Now

Entrepreneur shares that a strategy behind content marketing is crucial. Instead of just jumping right in, Neil Patel says businesses need to ensure cohesiveness, establish a strong brand identity, increase productivity, analyze patterns and maximize return on investment.


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