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The Friday Fix - June 2, 2017


The Friday Fix - June 2, 2017

First and foremost…have you had a doughnut yet today? Yes, it's National Doughnut Day, and it’s also Friday and time for our weekly content marketing review, the Friday Fix. Kick back with a chocolate-frosted and an iced latte, and relax as you catch up on the latest insights—it’s the perfect way to prep for a weekend away from the office. Trust us. Sips latte.

An Actionable Guide to Visual Storytelling

There’s an interesting predicament in that more and more B2B marketers plan to produce content this year; however, the majority of those content producers believe they are ineffective at content production. Robbie Richards asserts that visual storytelling is the answer and provides 15 tools, techniques, and examples to “cut through the noise.”

Find Your TRUTH: How to Think Like a Journalist in the Content Marketing Era

As content marketing production shifts evermore toward a consumer-focused mindset, it’s essential for marketers to adopt more journalistic approaches to their storytelling. Alicia Esposito explains how and why unleashing your inner journalist makes your stories more educational and inspirational.

Why Marketers Need to Invest in Authentic Long-Form Storytelling

While short-form content has its place, content marketers can make the biggest waves with their audience using long-form content. Rupert Maconick explains that by focusing on socially-conscious beliefs and practices in your content, you can enact change and earn positive PR.

Can You be One of a Content Darling?

A content darling, explains Fergus Stoddart, is one of those “iconic brands that you put on a pedestal and say ‘those guys get content’, ‘Wow, they know how to tell a story.” Now that you get it, can you be a “content darling”, darling?

Make Sure Your Brand is Telling the Same Story as Your Reviews

You have a perception of your brand and how your audience perceives your brand; however, your audience has their own idea of who you are, which is shown in your reviews. Justin McGill expands on the importance of ensuring your brand story matches the story told by your reviews.

4 Principles to Storytelling with Videos

Jefri Yonata is right on the money when he says that stories are effective tools for engagement and shaping your brand character. This is owed to their emotional appeal, timeline, and approach. Jefri shares four principles for using video for storytelling as video is one of the best mediums for leveraging the power of storytelling.

“We All Live Dramatic Lives”: A Conversation on Storytelling with Serial Producer Julie Snyder

Julie Snyder isn’t just a storyteller; she’s a true storyteller and is the executive producer behind Serial and S-Town among other things. Rachel Haberman shares her insightful interview with Julie prior to Forward 2017.

How 3 High-End Companies Use Humor to Create Viral Marketing Videos

We all know one great way to connect with audiences is with emotional storytelling, but another is with humor (who doesn’t love to laugh?). Nathan Resnick takes a closer look at three recent branded videos that went viral and analyzes what made each one work.

Everything You Need to Know about Virtual Reality Marketing

You’ve heard about virtual reality (VR) and how it’s the next big thing, but the picture’s still coming in fuzzy. What exactly is it? How do you use it? Why’s it so great for storytelling? Jes Stiles' article serves as an excellent primer explaining everything you need to know about VR.

What’s Dominating Digital Marketing Right Now?

While you wouldn’t want to jump off of a bridge if everyone else did, you do want to be on top of content marketing trends. Dan Smirk examines what’s dominating digital marketing right now such as mobile, live video, big data, and more.

Whether your brand’s voice is funny, feely, or somewhere in between, The Storyteller Agency wants to help you tell your story in a way that’s uniquely you. Contact us to learn more about our services and discover how we can help you break into content marketing in a variety of engaging mediums.


The Friday Fix - May 19, 2017


The Friday Fix - May 19, 2017

Why spend your weekends catching up on content marketing news when you’ve got the Friday Fix right here? Join us for our weekly content marketing run-down and spend your weekend getting new story material by loving and living life. (Sips drink.)

How to Effectively Use Storytelling to Attract a Larger Brand Following

Authenticity in your brand storytelling is essential for attracting your audience, but what else do you need? Susan Gilbert breaks down three must-dos (improving content, sending invitations to connect, and making a sales page) for transparency and relationship-building.

3 Ways to Master Social Media Content Marketing

It’s not enough to have a story or even tell your story; you also have to be able to leverage your storytelling skills to get attention and to attract your audience. Carol Barash explains how it’s done.

5 Ways to Tell Your Brand Story on Social Media

Hopefully you understand the power of brand storytelling through social media, and you’ve got a few ideas. Demitra Fields takes it to the next level with five strategies (like how to best use images) that will help you stand out.

Mary Mazzio Takes a Stand: A Conversation about Advocacy, Authenticity, and Brand Storytelling

We’ve mentioned advocacy in past fixes, but here, in an interview with Olympian, lawyer, and filmmaker Mary Mazzio, Rachel Haberman paints a portrait of what a brand’s story can really do to influence change.

The Future of Media is Here and I Was There

Sean Cooper’s story takes place in Boston at the third annual Content Marketing Conference where the tagline is “Rid the World of Bad Content” and the keynote speech, “End Toxic Content” is delivered by the no-nonsense author, Josh Bernoff.

Why Content Marketing is Going Hollywood

With customers demanding more entertaining and authentic content, it makes sense that brand storytelling is “going Hollywood.” David Kirpatrick explains what that means while pointing out that brand storytelling is now a necessity, not just a trend.

Why Location Marketers Need to Embrace Whimsical, Visual Storytelling

If you were hoping that visual storytelling was going to go by the wayside, prepare to be disappointed. In fact, Adam Dorfman has the details on Facebook and Google’s latest steps to incorporate visual searches, making visual marketing prowess a necessity for businesses to remain competitive.

Why Marketers Need to Study the Art and Tech of Conflict Resolution

Giovanni Rodriguez reinvents the “Three C’s” making them: communication, community, and conciliation because conflict resolution, previously not a precept for marketers, is more important now than ever.

Voice Assistants: 5 Opportunities for Brands in this New PR and Marketing Frontier

If you’re not sure what voice assistants are (think Alexa), worry not; Mike Lizun gives you a run-down plus a few ideas for how to use them in your upcoming marketing strategy.

Content Marketing—Journey to the Hearts of Customers

To connect with customers, you have to move them emotionally. Toni Ambler provides insight on approaches for creating interesting stories that will help you reach your customer’s hearts.

4 Common Mistakes Your Business Might be Making on Social Media

Social media is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing, but it’s easy to commit any of these common faux pas, and you might be making one of these four common mistakes. Thankfully, there’s a quick-fix for all of them.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to have a great brand story, but telling it authentically, transparently, and in a professional medium merit contacting the pros. If you’re looking to take your content marketing to the next level, contact us, The Storyteller Agency, and learn more about what we can do for your brand.


The Friday Fix - April 28, 2017


The Friday Fix - April 28, 2017

It’s time for the last Friday Fix before April showers bring May flowers. The Friday Fix is our agency’s weekly run-down of some of our favorite posts on content marketing. End the week on a high note; grab an iced latte and get your Fix on.

Can Long-Form Content Boost Freelance Writing Jobs? Three Word: Consider the Lobster

Jacqui Frasca’s piece on the merits of long-form content is a must-read for anyone who wants to tell great stories, produce content, and reach audiences. Jacqui’s piece reminds us not only of the technical pros of long-form content (Google algorithms love it) but also of the fact that a truly well-told long-form story will compel even the most time-strapped members of your audience to stop and to immerse themselves.

Chase Reaches Millennials via Sponsored Content in theSkimm

Chances are, you’re familiar with theSkimm (you might even subscribe); however, you might not be aware that theSkimm’s highest readership is comprised of millennials. Carolee Bennett’s article analyzes how theSkimm appeals to them and why Chase chose to use them. The real take-away is seeing how theSkimm understands and tailors its content, voice, stories, and style to its target audience.

The Search for Social Media Authenticity

Often in the clamor to be present, brands come off as being inauthentic on social media. Joe Caporoso and Jeff Urban explore this tendency, why it’s not the way to operate, and instead advocate for committing to the right platform, to strive for engaged, not passive audiences, and more.

Top 17 Web Design Trends for 2017

A stagnant website (as in one that never evolves) is probably one that gets fewer clicks. Binay Jha breaks down 17 web design trends to consider for your website including things like: interactive storytelling, emphasis on content, and increased use of hand-drawn images for personalization.

The Secret Behind Effective Video Ad Strategy

Mick Loizou hits the nail on the head with this article about how useful video can be to telling your brand’s story. The key is to focus on quality and to tell a relevant story that connects with your audience.

Three Reasons You Should Consider Combining Your PR and Marketing Efforts

Amy Osmond Cook’s write up on why the Forbes Agency Council says you should combine your PR and marketing efforts is so smart and common-sense, you’ll wonder why it wasn’t always this way.

Your Content Marketing Strategy Determines Time to ROI [Inforgraphic]

Content marketing is a relatively low-investment but nets big returns; however, when you see these returns isn’t always as clear. Eric Wendt breaks it down by the numbers before explaining the elements of ROI and how to measure ROI.

The Secrets of Content Marketing

You’ve heard about content marketing; maybe you’ve tried it, but like a flower that blooms at midnight, you just don’t get it. Armando Roggio shares the secrets behind content marketing that you can use to grow your own strategy.

Brands are Testing Shoppable Videos on Instagram Stories and Snap Ads

Brands using Instagram Stories and Snapchat can now expect to use the content for both engagement and sales. Tanya Dua reviews how brands are testing shoppable videos, which enable users to swipe right and land right on the brand’s e-commerce pop-up window.

Content Marketing Trends: 80% of Consumers Forget Content within a Few Days

We all want our content to be memorable, but a study from online presentation firm, Prezi, in collaboration with cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Carmen Simon, shows that a lot of branded content is actually pretty forgettable. The three main reasons are: irrelevance, lack of motivation to remember it, and too much content.

Whether you’re content savvy or content curious, contact us to learn how The Storyteller Agency can help you engage with your audience on an unforgettable, emotional level.