As we look back in preparation to move forward, we at The Storyteller Agency feel compelled to highlight a handful of blog posts that we consider the “best of 2018”. Why are these blogs the best? Because they cover content and give helpful information to brands that is still highly relevant even as we head into the new terrain that is 2019.

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Facebook & Instagram Advertising: What You Need to Know

One of the biggest complaints of brands is that they can’t seem to catch a break on Facebook or Instagram. The key to “catching a break” so happens to be advertising. This article breaks down what you need to know to become a social media ad maverick who catches all the breaks.

4 Tips for Good Instagram Images

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a good picture must be worth ten thousand, or at least that’s the way it seems. With platforms like Instagram and so many great photo editing apps, there is no reason for any Instagram page to have less-than-amazing images. This blog will help you get your jam on your ‘gram.

What is IGTV?

ICYMI, IGTV is Instagram TV, a vertical video social platform that launched in 2018. It’s expected to grow in 2019, so if you didn’t get the memo before on what it is and how to use it, read this post.

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Google Analytics for Newbies

Reading and using Google’s data for your website can be confusing if you’re new to it. This article explains how to use Google Analytics to optimize your online performance. It also explains why you need Google Analytics in your life if you’re not already using it.

How to Build Your Newsletter Email

As we move in to 2019, we’ve seen a lot of change in how many social media platforms operate. We also recognize that platforms have the ultimate power in whether or not our audiences stick around (how many of us know people who have checked out of Facebook in the past year following the Cambridge Analytica kerfuffle?). With email, you can keep your audience’s focus on you, regardless of where they’re spending their social media hours. This article talks about how to engage your audience with an email newsletter.

Why Getting Vulnerable in Stories Works

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One of Amy Porterfield’s most successful podcasts was about being real with her audience. This blog explains the rationale behind why all brands should want to be vulnerable or “real” with their readers as well as how to do it (without oversharing or coming off as disingenuous).

How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Social Media

Consider this our friendly PSA to everyone. Kids and social media are inevitable these days, but kids and safe social media isn’t…at least not without direct involvement. Use these tips to help you keep your kids safe on social media.

The Best 50 Quotes about Giving

This blog is a resource blog full of some of the best and most unique one-liners by world leaders, humanitarians, authors, celebrities, and more about giving. The post is as timeless as the quotes and is a great go-to for anyone looking to find inspirational content for their own brand’s blog or Instagram profile.

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The Storyteller Agency had a great 2018, and we hope you did, too. For an even better 2019, contact us to see how we can help you tell great stories, reach your audience, and grow your business.